Sunday, August 19, 2018

Amazon Beauty Haul!!! What to Buy? What to Avoid?

I was so excited recently to hit 100 subscribers on my vlog/beauty youtube channel!  I've been enjoying filming and sharing my life there.  Popular are travel, Lipsense videos, and Wish Hauls (I know 100 is not a ton, but it's a big mark for smaller channels, and having to restart last year was tough!)

I've enjoyed doing Wish hauls on my YouTube channel lately, but instead of hit or miss items, I thought I'd share some nice favorites in the beauty category from Amazon.  Additionally, I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on decluttering videos which seems counterproductive to just get a ton of cheap wish stuff that I'll need to get rid of lol.  With all that in mind, here are some nice quality items to give you that extra something-something :D

In total there are 5 items, for the full review, check out my video HERE.

One item is a makeup brush set-I had been needing another set since I embarked on my 58 makeovers towards being a Makeup Artist!

Another is a hair remover for a smooth face, I'm a big fan!

There are 3 other items included that I love as well, make sure to check it out!

*Some items provided free or discounted to review and share honest opinion.

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