Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Where to find an Affordable Modest Dress!

I was a bridesmaid just about a month ago (wow time flies!) and we were having a bit of a dilemma finding bridesmaid dresses that everyone wanted to wear.  A big thing for all of us gals was modesty-covering up a bit to be comfortable and to match our religious commitments. 

Finding bridesmaids dresses that aren't short and revealing is 1) ridiculously hard and 2) expensive.  As we were helping the bride look for options, I was literally looking online for Mother of the Bride dresses because I knew that more of them would be modest.  Some were still more revealing than we'd want and those that covered up were either limited in options or "mature and maternal".....let's just put it that way.....

The bride stumbled upon a website none of us had heard about before, it's called kcouture.com  We were so impressed with the selection they had-different cuts, styles, colors, sizes, lengths etc.  They'll make something custom if you need.  I wish I had my bridesmaids order from there when I got married!

Anyway, I did a short video going over my experience-the good and bad.  This is definitely a dress I'll be wearing again and just wanted to share that resource with those that might be in the market :) 

You can check out my video review HERE and the dress website HERE.

Disclaimer: I received a small discount to share my honest opinion and experience with this company but I was not paid, this is not a sponsored post. 

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