Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wedding Fun! (Epic Groom's Cake)

One of my best friends got married yesterday :)  She was one of my bridesmaids and I was hers, it was so fun to see her and her sweet husband tie the knot.  I just wanted to pop on and share a couple of fun things.

The first one was actually a product review item-I got a package of these tasty strawberry candies to review and I decided to take them to the bachelorette party I threw for her.  I flew into town so I wasn't able to do much in the way of baking but some of the other girls made some goodies.  Not many of the candies were eaten there because we had so many treats, but we decided to add them to the candy bar at the wedding reception-they matched the colors and they were all happily snatched up :)

And a feat I'm really proud of was making this awesome Nintendo Themed Groom's Cake:

The bride wanted to surprise the groom with this and she had something lined up but it fell through the evening before the a mutual friend of hers and I said we'd make it happen!  Quickest cake of the type I've thrown together!  It's far from perfect but I LOVE how it came out considering how little time we had and his reaction was priceless when we brought it out.  It makes me want to get back into cake decorating :)

I've got tons of footage to sort through for my week of fun excursion with the wedding and more and my husband has been filming his adventures while I've been away.  If you want to see our fun vlogs, subscribe to our channel HERE

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