Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Review: Granted

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Granted is a wonderful story told through the eyes of a twelve-year-old genie, Brielle.  It begins with her experience with being assigned a lamp.  A Rite of passage for young genies.  To her dismay, the lamp is in storage, and she must wait for someone to rub the lamp to gain her magic, and begin her time granting wishes.

    Jump ahead four years, and she still hasn’t been summoned, and she is beginning to lose hope that she will ever gain her magic.  Until finally, she is summoned on her birthday.  The story continues as she experiences the life and dangers of being a genie in a world of humans.  Very quickly Brielle learns that being a genie can be deadly when genies begin to die because their lamps are broken…

    Of course if you want a better summary of the book pick one up and read it yourself.  When I read Granted.  I was immersed in a world of genies and magic where wishes can be granted by someone who looks like someone you know.  The Author’s writing is spectacular, and her storytelling flowed like a river.  Though I read an unpublished version of the book, I found it to be refreshing to see the care that was taken in crafting this rich story and the characters that dwell in the fantastical world.  It was refreshing to also see that through the course of her writing and revisions, the author completely removed the spelling and grammatical errors that can pervade some of the more recently-published books that I have read recently.

If you could call it an issue, my only one is: If this book is intended to be a standalone, the ending left me disappointed.  Too many loose ends, and a feeling of incompletion of the story.  However, if this book is intended to be the first in a series, then I look forward to reading the sequel.  I must note that this book left me feeling a desire to read more.  The loose ends were left in a way that brings me to believe that the Author has at least a full story arc prepared for a larger series.  One that I look forward to reading after (or before) publication.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Granted from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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