Friday, July 29, 2016

How to Make Fench Onion Soup

I love making french onion soup because it's simple and budget friendly.

Start with a few onions.  TIP: If you have contacts and glasses, wear the contacts-it reduces eye irritation!
 For the onions to really be the star, you need to caramelize them well.  TIP: Don't overcrowd the pan!  Too many in 1 pan makes them sweat, not caramelize.
 Spices, beef broth, simmer away!
And last but not least, some baguette with guyere toasted! 
To watch the recipe video as well as some others in a soup recipe collaboration I'm participating in, go check them out HERE.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

3D Doodle Pen Tips & Tricks

Have you had a chance to try 3D Doodling Pens?  While not exactly a practical tool for an adult, it's still super fun!  I demonstrate and give some tips in a video I posted recently.

You can get one of these 3D pens HERE.

(Pen was received free or discounted to review & share my honest and unbiased feedback, this is not a paid or sponsored post.)


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Carved Peek-a-Boo Polymer Clay Project

Just a quick reminder, we have this contest about to end, please drop by and vote on your favorite submission!

On to the featured fun :)

The inspiration for this came from a combination of candle art I've seen as well as the art I remember doing as a kid where you scratch off black crayon to see a colorful design underneath, it's just so fun!

I actually made this as a wall plaque and as a focus for my new crafting & cooking YouTube channel called Jenn's Creativity Corner.

For a list of supplies and to see the whole process, check out the video :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hey guys, I'm having another giveaway over on my YouTube channel.  It has 2 prizes, a box stuffed with TONS of fun stuff for kids as well as a purse stuffed with goodies.  I'd LOVE for you to go check it out and enter!

Details and Entry HERE

Also,  I just started my own crafting and cooking channel and I'd love your support over there!  I have 2 videos out today!

My new channel is called Jenn's Creativity Corner.  If you're the type that likes to watch more than read, you'll get your regular dose of creativity there guaranteed!

And last but not least, I'd really love for you to go take a peek at my last post and vote on the craft contest I'm hosting.  Voting ends in just 3 days.  I appreciate your time and support! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mystery Box Craft Challenge Voting!

I had fun collaborating with 5 lovely ladies on a craft challenge.  Let's go over the rules, prizes, and outcomes!  Please make sure to vote in the comments section down below!  1 comment/entry per person/household.

The rules:
-Each person received 1 small box of random craft supplies.  No 2 boxes are alike.
-They have to use at least half of the supplies to make art/crafts.
-They can include any other items and supplies to make their creations.
-Multiple creations are allowed, as long as at least half of their mystery box is used.
-Each person is to take photos and video of their creation(s) and the process.
-Voting ends 11:59pm MST 7/29.

The prizes:
1-$10 Gift Card
2-Handmade Purse filled with Goodies

1 winner will be picked by votes received here (so make sure to vote!) and 1 will be picked by my husband and I :)  The winner who gets the most votes here gets first choice of the prizes.

Here are the entrants with their videos.

Cookie Tux

Stouts on the Side

Natasha & Cory Tell a Story

2 more entries pending.... 

And as always, I appreciate your support on my vlog channel, I'll be having a craft and cooking channel coming out soon as well! 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wedding Fun! (Epic Groom's Cake)

One of my best friends got married yesterday :)  She was one of my bridesmaids and I was hers, it was so fun to see her and her sweet husband tie the knot.  I just wanted to pop on and share a couple of fun things.

The first one was actually a product review item-I got a package of these tasty strawberry candies to review and I decided to take them to the bachelorette party I threw for her.  I flew into town so I wasn't able to do much in the way of baking but some of the other girls made some goodies.  Not many of the candies were eaten there because we had so many treats, but we decided to add them to the candy bar at the wedding reception-they matched the colors and they were all happily snatched up :)

And a feat I'm really proud of was making this awesome Nintendo Themed Groom's Cake:

The bride wanted to surprise the groom with this and she had something lined up but it fell through the evening before the a mutual friend of hers and I said we'd make it happen!  Quickest cake of the type I've thrown together!  It's far from perfect but I LOVE how it came out considering how little time we had and his reaction was priceless when we brought it out.  It makes me want to get back into cake decorating :)

I've got tons of footage to sort through for my week of fun excursion with the wedding and more and my husband has been filming his adventures while I've been away.  If you want to see our fun vlogs, subscribe to our channel HERE

Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Review: Granted

First, I want to let you know about the limited time deals for this book in case it sounds interesting for you!

-Granted will be available for $2.99 June 30th - July 7 (discounted from the regular price of $4.99) HERE
-Readers can enter to win an autographed copy of Granted HERE.
-They'll be giving away some physical copies too on Goodreads HERE.


Granted is a wonderful story told through the eyes of a twelve-year-old genie, Brielle.  It begins with her experience with being assigned a lamp.  A Rite of passage for young genies.  To her dismay, the lamp is in storage, and she must wait for someone to rub the lamp to gain her magic, and begin her time granting wishes.

    Jump ahead four years, and she still hasn’t been summoned, and she is beginning to lose hope that she will ever gain her magic.  Until finally, she is summoned on her birthday.  The story continues as she experiences the life and dangers of being a genie in a world of humans.  Very quickly Brielle learns that being a genie can be deadly when genies begin to die because their lamps are broken…

    Of course if you want a better summary of the book pick one up and read it yourself.  When I read Granted.  I was immersed in a world of genies and magic where wishes can be granted by someone who looks like someone you know.  The Author’s writing is spectacular, and her storytelling flowed like a river.  Though I read an unpublished version of the book, I found it to be refreshing to see the care that was taken in crafting this rich story and the characters that dwell in the fantastical world.  It was refreshing to also see that through the course of her writing and revisions, the author completely removed the spelling and grammatical errors that can pervade some of the more recently-published books that I have read recently.

If you could call it an issue, my only one is: If this book is intended to be a standalone, the ending left me disappointed.  Too many loose ends, and a feeling of incompletion of the story.  However, if this book is intended to be the first in a series, then I look forward to reading the sequel.  I must note that this book left me feeling a desire to read more.  The loose ends were left in a way that brings me to believe that the Author has at least a full story arc prepared for a larger series.  One that I look forward to reading after (or before) publication.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Granted from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.