Monday, June 13, 2016

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas (And other cool things ;)

Yesterday I posted a short video on my YouTube Channel with a list of some cool gift ideas for Father's day.

The one I'll specifically list here has already been gifted to my dad (we're horrible at shipping things on time so this year when my parents were in town my mom got her gift late and dad got his early lol).  My dad's the outdoorsy type-loves to hunt and fish.  Mostly fish nowadays.  I gave him this fanny pack.  Now, you may laugh at the fanny pack fashion statement, but you can't deny that they can be very useful, and c'mon, camo makes it better right?  :D

If you want to check out the other cool items listed, check out the full video:

If you want to snag one of these for yourself, you can order HERE.

If you don't have an Amazon Prime membership, this ships free with a membership and you can try a 30 day free trial of Prime HERE.

I also wanted to mention a couple of other cool products that I've had the chance to review recently.

Firstly, I've been dabbling in essential oils.  I wanted to try some lavender for my husband to help him sleep better.  I do a ton of shopping and reviews for items on but this one in particular is actually through their own website.  Here's the direct link to the lavendar oil:

They have a bunch of different recipes/recommendations for the use of different oils and I found this article helpful about allergies and how lavender, as well as other oils, can be helpful (again, my husband and that dang hayfever lol)

And last but not least, this fun Adult Coloring Book :)

If you too love kanines and have hopped on the adult coloring train, you can order your copy HERE. #promotion

Disclaimer: I received the above items free or discounted to review.  I was not compensated, this is not a sponsored post.  Some links are affiliate links (which means I get a teeny tiny commission if you choose to buy through that link).

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