Saturday, June 18, 2016

3 Week Food Storage Challenge: Days 6-8

Sorry I haven't been updating this daily, life is crazy with preparing to move-packing, garage sale, etc!

We've made it a week!  We're 1/3 into it!  We guessed that it would start getting harder at this point and I'm not too sure it will, I'll talk about that in a little bit, but first, how have we been doing the last 3 days?

Days 6,7,8

In addition to the muffins, english muffins, and toast that we had stocked up on in the freezer (I inventoried, we have more than enough to last us!  This is a good opportunity to shrink that down so they don't get freezer burned!) for breakfast, we've had some fun lunches and dinners. 

Lunches have mostly consisted of homemade lunchables.  I used up the last of the ham we had in our freezer, used most of our string cheese from the fridge, and a lot of the Ritz crackers we have on hand.  The only fresh vegetables we have left now are some carrots and celery so I prepped some of that as well.  Healthy, easy, fun, nostalgic.

The other day we took some "chow mein"-the fancier version of ramen noodles basically, and prepared them according to instructions, then added some peanut butter-pad thai :)  I think peanut butter is a great staple for food storage-it's a convenient and tasty source of protein!

Other than that, we made 1 last batch of crockpot chili with the last of our frozen ground beef.  Not your normal summer menu item, but it's undeniably tasty and helps use up a lot of food storage items without being demanding of time. 

As for our future plans, I took the time to sit down and actually make a menu plan.  I know that when I do, we're more organized and eat better.  Knowing what we're going to have for the next 2 weeks is helpful to plan ahead in a few ways, one being knowing what to pack!  I started packing up spices and other foods that aren't on the list.  I'm leaving all the "snacky" foods like popcorn, dried fruits and nuts unpacked, but lentils aren't on the menu, so in a box they go!  I'm actually supposed to be baking a somewhat elaborate cake this week for a YouTube video (4th of July collaboration) and I was worried because I thought I had used up the last of the granulated sugar.  I was thinking about having to adjust a recipe or find one that calls for brown sugar, but I found a bag of regular sugar in my pantry packing :)  I definitely need to stock up on that more.  Now I just hope last of all that I have enough powdered sugar for all of the frosting (I think I do)  YUM! 

We also had to plan in the fact that my in-laws may be coming for a few days to visit and help us with our move.  I don't know that they'll love eating on our food storage diet, but it's not like it's rice and beans for 3 meals in a row :P 

We've got some fun meals planned next-lots of recipes with turkey and chicken, and even some Polish food :)  Stay tuned!

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