Tuesday, June 14, 2016

3 Week Food Storage Challenge---Days 4 & 5---

Day 4, Monday

We had our usual toast/english muffin breakfasts.  I think that will just go as an assumption for a while because I looked in the freezer and we have plenty!  Andrew ate PB & J for lunch and I think I skipped lunch...or just snacked on this and that..... For dinner we shared leftover chili and steamed broccoli.  I went into our extra freezer and pulled out a huge turkey to thaw and cook as well as some muffins that I made quite some time ago that are amazingly not freezer burned. 

Day 5, Tuesday

Between the usual breakfast fare and the muffins we fared well for breakfast, about the same for lunch as the day before as well.  I had some ramen noodles (we don't have a ton, but a decent amount in our food storage) and finished our last can of black olives.  RIP the black olives.  To sweeten up the muffins (they're pumpkins, zucchini, whole grain....so they taste healthy) I opened up the 1 package of chocolate frosting we had in food storage, I hope it was well sacrificed lol.  I just wanted some sweetness :P  For dinner, we actually had Dominos pizza.  Before you get disappointed that we gave in so early, we actually followed our rules that we would eat something that wasn't in our storage if it were free.  T-Mobile has an app where you can get freebies on Tuesdays and I decided to try it out and got a code for a free 2-topping medium pizza :)  It kinda tasted like crap though, so that was anti-climactic.....Oh well.

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