Friday, May 20, 2016

Heavy Duty Bike Lock and Silicone & Cloth Oven Gloves----Product reviews

I was looking for a nice, high quality lock for my bike and I think we found a great solution here. I like that it's a key lock because I always forget number codes and then the lock is useless. It comes with 2 keys and they're the barrel variety. I'm not sure, those might not be as easily picked?

This is heavy and solid. the U shaped bar completely detaches and isn't flexible. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too easy to break up and thieves would search for easier targets.

I thought that I had finally found the holy grail of cooking gloves! The silicone that I love for gripping and being able to move my fingers in a glove plus the nice feeling of fabric that makes it smoother to put my hand in and out.

In regards to fit and comfort, these are pretty nice. I feel like the fabric is just a little tightly sewn around the fingers (though I have chubby fingers) and the fabric feels a little flimsy like it's not going to last through too much wear and tear.

I was excited that the instructions said you could still clean these in the dishwasher--BIG MISTAKE. Unless you want the fingers to get messed up inside and food particles to cling to all of the fabric. HANDWASH ONLY!

Disclaimer: I was sent these items free to test and share my honest and unbiased opinion.  I have not been compensated, this is not a sponsored post.  Links are affiliate links.

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