Monday, May 16, 2016

4 Product Reviews-Kid's Items and Fashion available on

I was given the opportunity to review 4 different products from 1 seller on, it’s a bit of a fun variety!

The 1st thing is Color Hair Clips. They’re really a fun splash of color. I cut a couple to length for my shorter hair now but I’m going to keep the others long for when I someday grow my hair back out. The first time I put one in and tried to take it out, 5 pieces of hair came out with it :( Luckily that hasn’t been repeated after a few more wears. I’ve had that happen before with hair clips and 1 trick I’ve tried is to cover the offending part with some clear nail polish so it doesn’t create a gap for your hair to get stuck in. These hair clips are artificial hair but can be styled (curled etc).

Next up is this Lint Brush. I have probably half a dozen lint rollers in my house. I find that the struggle with the sticky paper really isn’t worth it. I also have one that’s some sort of sticky silicone-like substance that you just wash off to clean. But it’s not that effective and it’s a pain. This lint brush works great-just brush 1 direction to pick up the lint, and the other direction to “unload” it.

The 3rd item is a set of mini puzzles. They’re promising with cute graphics and cut out of wood. Sadly though this item let me down a bit. It’s super stiff and needs some “breaking in” but between that and some splinters, I think it just needs a good sand down before it’s safe and fun to use.

Last but not least is this cute set of Rubber Duck Families. Each momma duck has 3 ducklings that fit on her back. They all float well. The momma duck squeaks but the little guys don’t. One of the 3 ducklings that I tested was a bit lopsided in the water, poor guy. I’d recommend you be careful with the ducklings as they could be considered a choking hazard.

Well there you have it-some pretty nice products, I was glad to have the opportunity to test them! If you’re interested in any of them, go ahead and click on the links provided. Disclaimer: I received these items free to review and share my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not compensated in any way, this is not a sponsored post. The links are affiliate links.

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