Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Ultimate Safari Party Planning Guide!

Or jungle...safaris are in jungles right?  *cough*  Well anyway, I was inspired by a few fun little party favors/decorations/supplies, I'll show you them first and then you should go check out the full video-I spent hours making fun and delicious ideas!

Perfect for baby showers, kid parties, or bridal/bachelorette parties!

The original inspiration for this whole theme was these cute plastic animals:

Then I spotted these adorable jungle pacifier clips.  Not necessarily a party favor (lol) but a fun gift if you know the nursery will be safari/jungle themed.

Lastly, I thought these were adorable as party favors for little ones.  I was a little disappointed in the quality, but I don't know that kids will care that much.

So here's the full video, make sure and watch!  3 treat ideas and 5 activities/party favor/gift ideas!

Disclaimer: The items listed were sent to me free or discounted to try and share my honest and unbiased review.  I had fun making a whole theme from them!  I was not compensated, this is not a sponsored post.  Links are affiliate links. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Heavy Duty Bike Lock and Silicone & Cloth Oven Gloves----Product reviews

I was looking for a nice, high quality lock for my bike and I think we found a great solution here. I like that it's a key lock because I always forget number codes and then the lock is useless. It comes with 2 keys and they're the barrel variety. I'm not sure, those might not be as easily picked?

This is heavy and solid. the U shaped bar completely detaches and isn't flexible. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too easy to break up and thieves would search for easier targets.

I thought that I had finally found the holy grail of cooking gloves! The silicone that I love for gripping and being able to move my fingers in a glove plus the nice feeling of fabric that makes it smoother to put my hand in and out.

In regards to fit and comfort, these are pretty nice. I feel like the fabric is just a little tightly sewn around the fingers (though I have chubby fingers) and the fabric feels a little flimsy like it's not going to last through too much wear and tear.

I was excited that the instructions said you could still clean these in the dishwasher--BIG MISTAKE. Unless you want the fingers to get messed up inside and food particles to cling to all of the fabric. HANDWASH ONLY!

Disclaimer: I was sent these items free to test and share my honest and unbiased opinion.  I have not been compensated, this is not a sponsored post.  Links are affiliate links.

Monday, May 16, 2016

4 Product Reviews-Kid's Items and Fashion available on

I was given the opportunity to review 4 different products from 1 seller on, it’s a bit of a fun variety!

The 1st thing is Color Hair Clips. They’re really a fun splash of color. I cut a couple to length for my shorter hair now but I’m going to keep the others long for when I someday grow my hair back out. The first time I put one in and tried to take it out, 5 pieces of hair came out with it :( Luckily that hasn’t been repeated after a few more wears. I’ve had that happen before with hair clips and 1 trick I’ve tried is to cover the offending part with some clear nail polish so it doesn’t create a gap for your hair to get stuck in. These hair clips are artificial hair but can be styled (curled etc).

Next up is this Lint Brush. I have probably half a dozen lint rollers in my house. I find that the struggle with the sticky paper really isn’t worth it. I also have one that’s some sort of sticky silicone-like substance that you just wash off to clean. But it’s not that effective and it’s a pain. This lint brush works great-just brush 1 direction to pick up the lint, and the other direction to “unload” it.

The 3rd item is a set of mini puzzles. They’re promising with cute graphics and cut out of wood. Sadly though this item let me down a bit. It’s super stiff and needs some “breaking in” but between that and some splinters, I think it just needs a good sand down before it’s safe and fun to use.

Last but not least is this cute set of Rubber Duck Families. Each momma duck has 3 ducklings that fit on her back. They all float well. The momma duck squeaks but the little guys don’t. One of the 3 ducklings that I tested was a bit lopsided in the water, poor guy. I’d recommend you be careful with the ducklings as they could be considered a choking hazard.

Well there you have it-some pretty nice products, I was glad to have the opportunity to test them! If you’re interested in any of them, go ahead and click on the links provided. Disclaimer: I received these items free to review and share my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not compensated in any way, this is not a sponsored post. The links are affiliate links.

2 Products for the Kiddos!

I got to try a couple of different products for free in exchange for me sharing my honest and unbiased review.  I don't have children yet, but I am stocking up for when we do....and we want to be foster parents soon.

The 1st item is this pack of 36 outlet plugs.

You don't even have to have kids to appreciate this set of plug covers. I like having the safety for when we have kids over-nieces & nephews, friends' kids, etc. We're gearing up for when we have kids of our own and/or foster kids. This is just 1 more thing that gives you peace of mind and not having to helicopter over the little ones 24/7. They're well made and fit as they should. They're a tight fit so it takes a little bit of effort to get them in but that's necessary so they're not easy for little ones to pull them out!


The 2nd item is this set of food pouches.
This my first time trying out the side spout food pouches, I've tried a couple of different brands with top spouts, but I was curious about this kind. there are some definite pros and cons

What I like:
--There's a fill line, so you know you're not overfilling and playing a guessing game like with some pouches
--Zips from the top so gravity is helping the seal

What I don't like:
--The side spout does seem a bit more awkward for holding.
--With the spout being at the side, I don't feel like these are quite as easy to clean, especially in the dishwasher since it's not a straight shop from spout to zipper

I think it all depends on preference and what your little guy or gal prefers with how they eat from the pouch. Probably worth getting one side spout, one top spout, and try it out for yourself. As for the actual product, I haven't noticed any defects yet-they do the job and they're very cute and universal for both boys and girls.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way, this is not a sponsored post.  Links are affiliate links, if you choose to purchase through them I receive a small bonus.

Monday, May 9, 2016

3 Mexican Themed Recipes (30 minutes or less each!) Del Real Foods Recipe Contest Entries

Hey guys!  I got the chance to have some tasty foods shipped to me from Del Real Foods and my challenge was to make up to 3 recipes that take less than 30 minutes each to prepare.  Check them out and give me a vote if you can ;)

Individuals may vote for one recipe, per day and must have a Facebook account in order for the vote to validate.

Chicken Taco Bake
The trick with this recipe was to utilize what is essentially a pre-made meal (a chicken street taco kit) and turn it into something else.  With the help of other ingredients, I made this mouthwatering tasty goodness!

Recipe and voting here:

Pupusas Faces
For this contest they have a few different prize categories and one is for being kid-friendly.  I saw these little pupusas (cheese & bell pepper stuffed) and knew they would make a fun dinner for kids.  They tasted pretty amazing as well!
Recipe and voting here:

Shredded Chicken or Beef Tortilla Cups
A serious contender for my husband's favorite, here we have a shredded chicken and beef tortilla cup.  I'd recommend doing one or the other, but we decided to try it with both types of meat.  It's creamy, it's fun, and you can make cinnamon and sugar treats with the leftover tortilla scraps from this.  We included homemade salsa verde in this recipe.  Yum!

Recipe and voting here:

Let me know in the comments, which of these are you most likely to try making for dinner?