Saturday, April 2, 2016

Product Reviews-Fun for the indoors and outdoors! Balance Bike, Camping Cookware, Chalkboard Wall Decal, Waterproof Camera, and Dog Bed

First up---The Balance Bike!

This is a really nice quality balance bike. I've heard about this type of bike in the past and have seen a couple of friends have them for their kids and the concept really makes sense. The pedaling is not the hard part for kids to get-it's the balancing. I remember what a nightmare it was-filled with scrapes and tears when I learned after training wheels so I plan to not have that nasty memory for our kids.

It's not too hard to assemble, it took my husband less than 10 minutes. They don't, however include the tools needed and some people might not have the necessary tools just sitting around. Luckily we did. I believe we needed a 1/4" and 3/16" allen wrenches/hex keys to assemble it.

I like that it has a matching helmet so you don't have to go out and get one separately. I think if I could change something, I'd really like to be able to adjust the bike seat without having to pull out a hex key. Overall, the frame is sturdy, the paint job is nice, and I think it will hold up for quite some time.

If you're interested in the balance bike, check it out HERE:

For more fun outdoors, I was happy to get this camping cookware set.

So far I'm pretty pleased with this little set. It's fairly small, it'll maybe fit a good can of chili in the pot, so if you're planning on using this to cook for a large family on a camping trip, invest in a dutch oven instead. But I wanted something nice and small like this for camping trips (just 2 of us) and emergency survival backpacks.

I haven't had the chance to test it out over a campfire yet, just on the stove, but so far, it works like it should. I realized this would also be great for minimalists like those that live in tiny homes because it's so compact. I think if there were any improvements I'd suggest, I'd recommend 1-change up the wooden spoon (I saw someone else's review mention theirs molded from being packed away slightly wet and I can see that happening easily) 2-include cutlery and 3-maybe a higher quality of sponge. Overall I'd give this a 4.5 out of 5 if it were an option, it does the job and I love the carrying case it came in.

If you want to get your own set, snag it HERE:

Next up for some indoor fun, is this Chalkboard Decal.

I've been wanting to get one of these for a while :) So far I'm pretty impressed. I took a few little pieces and put them up on my wall, some glass, and my fridge. I'm in a rental so it's important to know that this won't damage things! I left them on for a couple of days and took them off. They were fairly easy to pull off and no damage or residue was left behind. They were still perfectly sticky so they could be moved/re-used.

It's a nice bonus that it came with some chalk (and different colors)-though 2 of mine arrived broken. Another feature that I really love is that they put the grid guide on the back for cutting (like on premium gift wrap) so when you go to cut it down, you get nice straight edges! I have yet to find a negative thing about this decal, I'm quite pleased with it :)

If you want to get one of these decals for yourself, go HERE:

Another item great for indoors or outdoors (swimming time anyone?!) is this waterproof action camera for kids.

This seems like a pretty fun find so far! I am hoping to make it to the pool soon for a full test, so far I've done a "dry" test and shot some video/photos in the house and I also put it in a sink with water to verify it was water tight and floated. No leaks and floated great. The photos and video weren't super amazing but I did test them in the house after dark so no nice natural light (Even my more expensive cameras struggle with that.) I'll definitely make sure to update this review once I've been able to give it a more broad test.

It's definitely not fair to compare this to much more expensive brands, but that being said, this has some nice features that more expensive action cameras don't have-floating capability without having to buy/add an accessory and having a view screen on the back (I can't believe some of them don't!). main criticisms were the lighting as mentioned and also I'd LOVE to be able to change between video and picture without having to take it out of the waterproof case.

For the price point and features, I think it's a pretty good camera for the kiddos, I know I would have loved one of these when I was a kid!
If you want to give it a go with this camera, the link is HERE:

Last but not least, this fun little pet bed!

I can't find the pictures or video that I took of it so I'll have to take some more (Bummer!)  I thought this was SUPER DUPER cute and wanted to get it for my Mia.  They accidentally sent me a blue strawberry instead of a red one but it didn't matter anyway since it's too small for our girl.  Normally I consider her a "small" in dog stuff-she's 12-15 lbs.  But the small would really fit a small cat better.  Mia would need at least a medium or large so I'll donate this to a friend that could use it.   

If you want to get your own leopard or strawberry pet bed, go HERE:

Sorry this is a bit of a longer post than I usually do for product reviews.  Let me know in the comment section which you'd be more interested in!

Disclaimer: I received these items free or at a discount for the purpose of testing and reviewing them and was asked to share my honest opinon.  This is not compensated/sponsored.  The links are affiliate links.

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