Saturday, April 30, 2016

Face Painting Fun :)

Amidst my product reviewing fun, I've had a couple of chances to review some face paint products.  I decided to try them out because it's just plain fun!  The first set that I got to try wasn't bad, I still had fun :)  My husband and I did a 3-minute face paint challenge and uploaded the video on YouTube-it's a great family activity.

As you can see in the video, a main frustration in that face paint set was that there was no black paint!  How can you have a basic set with no black?!?

This 2nd set I got to try is SO much better.  I really love this painting set!  Each color can be taken out to make it easier when painting so you can hold it right in your hand, but they also all snap into the container to keep the palette together. The 2 brushes included give nice variety for finer detail as well as wider coverage.

I like this kit because there is a good color mix and an equal amount of each (as well as lots of glitter :)

The only thing I'd say is a "con" to this kit is consistency. We've only tried 6 of the colors but 1 of them (the green) is what I'd describe as "mushy", the consistency is nothing like the others. I'm not sure if that's just a fluke or what. We haven't noticed any skin irritation and it cleans off easily.

 My husband painted a beet on my face and I painted carrots on his.  For beginners, I think we did pretty good.  We did these as part of one of our vlogs where we talked about this year's container garden.  If you're interested in the vlog, you can view it here:

To get a set of this awesome face paint, you can order it by clicking on the image below!

Disclaimer: I purchased this face paint set at a promotional discount to test and review it.  I was not compensated and this is not sponsored.  The order links are affiliate links.

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