Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trying a Hair Straightening Brush!

I've been wanting to try a hair straightening brush since I heard about them a while ago and am glad I finally got one. I'm not sure if everyone will find this as useful as I do, but I'm really impressed so far. I think it's hard to get the perfectly "pressed" straight hair like you would when sandwiched between to hot plates, but this helps my hair look smoother.

My main problem is I will toss my hair up into a ponytail or messy bun and then when I want to take it down, it has the kinks in it that look horrible. So it's either straighten my hair, wash it, or deal with it that way. I rarely use the flat iron I bought a while back, I'm just too low maintenance, don't like to be bothered with a long routine. But I LOVE the simplicity of this.

My only 2 beefs with this are 1-I keep bumping the temperature buttons with my fingers, the placement is a little odd for me and 2-the silicone that is there to protect you from burning yourself pulls on my hair a bit more than I'd like. I appreciate the silicone tops and also the border around the edge of the brush that prevent you from easily burning yourself. The only time I felt uncomfortable heat was when I tried to pull hairs that came out in the bristles out with my hands-probably best done when cooled off!

If you haven't tried one yet, I definitely recommend this guy!

If you want to see my video review, I posted it on YouTube here:

I snapped some before and after pictures.  I blurred out my face because I like my amazon reviews to be more anonymous, but that way you can also focus more on the hair than my mug ;)

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary brush to test and review.  I was not compensated, this is not a sponsored post.  The link to order is an affiliate link.

Face Painting Fun :)

Amidst my product reviewing fun, I've had a couple of chances to review some face paint products.  I decided to try them out because it's just plain fun!  The first set that I got to try wasn't bad, I still had fun :)  My husband and I did a 3-minute face paint challenge and uploaded the video on YouTube-it's a great family activity.

As you can see in the video, a main frustration in that face paint set was that there was no black paint!  How can you have a basic set with no black?!?

This 2nd set I got to try is SO much better.  I really love this painting set!  Each color can be taken out to make it easier when painting so you can hold it right in your hand, but they also all snap into the container to keep the palette together. The 2 brushes included give nice variety for finer detail as well as wider coverage.

I like this kit because there is a good color mix and an equal amount of each (as well as lots of glitter :)

The only thing I'd say is a "con" to this kit is consistency. We've only tried 6 of the colors but 1 of them (the green) is what I'd describe as "mushy", the consistency is nothing like the others. I'm not sure if that's just a fluke or what. We haven't noticed any skin irritation and it cleans off easily.

 My husband painted a beet on my face and I painted carrots on his.  For beginners, I think we did pretty good.  We did these as part of one of our vlogs where we talked about this year's container garden.  If you're interested in the vlog, you can view it here:

To get a set of this awesome face paint, you can order it by clicking on the image below!

Disclaimer: I purchased this face paint set at a promotional discount to test and review it.  I was not compensated and this is not sponsored.  The order links are affiliate links.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Early Mother's Day Gift Ideas Anyone?

Here are a couple of great ideas I've come across lately for potential Mother's Day gift ideas.

Aroma Diffuser

This Diffuser is one of the nicest I've had a chance to review.  (Yes, I have 3 in my house right  This is my husband's favorite but I think I prefer the 1st one I got  just a smidge more because of the design).

It works pretty well and looks really nice.  Has a good water capacity and is unique to the other styles I've tried because the opening for the steam is slightly offset so you can pick which direction you want it to go-great if your diffuser is up against a wall and you don't want it shooting straight up.

I think it's a great Mother's Day gift ;)

Oven Gloves

ok, I know I've featured silicone oven gloves on this blog before, but I'm on the hunt for the perfect set.  Some are thinner/thicker than others, some are too big, some have stubby fingers.  I think this set of oven gloves is genuinely the best set I've tried so far (and ironically, I have 3 sets of these in my home too...until Mother's day that is ;)

If you're in the market for a great pair, check them out!

Disclaimer: I received these items complimentary to test and review, and was asked to share my honest and unbiased feedback.  I was not compensated in any way, this is not a sponsored post.  Links may be affiliate links.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

One Year Celebration and a Product Review!

I can't believe it, but this Monday marks 1 year from the first video my husband and I placed on YouTube under our channel "JudkinsJourney".  If you haven't subscribed, we would LOVE your support.  We put out content almost daily and lots more variety than I get around to posting here.

Check out our Channel HERE.

It's crazy to see the quality of our filming change over the one year.  We went from 1 point and shoot camera (very old) to a whole mix of supplies.  We now have an HD camcorder, Galaxy S5 phone, new laptop with camera and audio, digital recorder for voiceovers, tripod, and 2 action cameras.  (I'm hoping to get camera "spy" glasses soon, cool is that?!?  One item I'm glad we added to our arsenal recently is an accessory kit for our GooKit Action Camera (like a GoPro).

I've been itching to get an accessory kit since Christmas when my in-laws gave us an action camera and this kit didn't disappoint.

It includes a lot of great things and the only thing I wish it had was some sort of harness to strap the camera to my dog, but I guess that's not as commonly requested as all of the other gear lol. For me, I've used the head and chest straps, flotation handle, and bendable tripod-all without problem. I'll probably end up using the suction cup mount and bike mount soon. I don't really consider any piece obsolete, since it really depends on your hobby. So far they all look and work wonderfully.

I also did a video review showing you the goodies and some test footage using this kit.  That video is live here:

If you're in the market for an action camera accessories kit, I HIGHLY recommend this kit, we're going to get great use out of it!!!

It can be purchased here:  #Actioncamerakit

*Disclaimer:Accessory kit was complementary to test and review.  I was not compensated for this review, I was asked to share my honest and unbiased opinion.  Order link is affiliate.*

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nice Gift for the Boss----Spunky Gift for the Entrepreneur!

Need a suck up gift for your boss? This is it (lol). I was looking for a gift for my bosses last Christmas but wasn't sure what to get. This would have been perfect (or for boss's day). The glass and writing is really nice quality-it's not like a tacky looking opaque ceramic mugs at all. This would also be a wonderfully funny gift for an entrepreneur...being their own boss :D I tried to gently scratch the writing and it didn't come off easily so that's a good sign so far :)

 I received one of these mugs free to review, this is not a paid review.  If you want to snag yourself one of these goodies, click on the link below ;)  (Affiliate link)


Silicone Kitchen Goodies--2 Product Reviews--

I was lucky to be chosen to review this set of 2 Silicone Baking Mats.

I've had the same silicone mat for a couple years and I've never really been that pleased with it.  So far I'm really impressed with these-they feel nice and thick but not too thick.  I love that they're see-through so you can put a pattern underneath if you want as a guide.

If you're in the market for a set of Silicone Baking Mats, I recommend these!

As for the other item I got to review, here is a new pair of Silicone Oven Gloves

I'm on the search for the perfect pair of silicone oven gloves. We have 2 others right now that are either too large or too small and too bulky or too thin.....When I put these gloves up next to the set that we usually use, they look like they're the same size. But because the silicone is thicker on these, they fit a bit snugger (which I prefer) however the fingers are really stubby which I don't like. With the silicone being thicker, these protect better against the heat and I think I'll still keep these and hopefully get over the slight annoyance that the stubby fingers bring. They look nice and I love that they can be run through the dishwasher as needed. I'm definitely a convert to silicone oven gloves instead of old fashioned heat pads!

If you wanted to check them out, check out this listing below.

Disclaimer: I purchased these items at a discount to test and share my honest review.  This is not a sponsored post.  Links are affiliate links.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Camping/Emergency Gear---2 Product Reviews--

I've got 2 items for y'all today!  A Flashlight/Lantern and a Paracord Bracelet

First-the Flashlight/Lantern

This little flashlight/mini lantern really packs a punch when it comes to how much light it puts off. It's wonderfully compact so it keeps things lite and doesn't take up much space. It looks just like in the picture-black with the wire at the top for hanging. It takes 3 AAA batteries and you twist and pull to take it from flashlight to lantern.

The only criticism I have is that I wish it was more durable. The plastic doesn't seem like it will hold up to too much banging around. I wish it was in a metal case or a thicker kind of rubber.

Click on the photo below to get more info and order ;)

Next-the Paracord Bracelet

 Good news or bad news first?  Let's get the bad over with.....Amazon is having some problems with fulfilling these orders.....they sent me the wrong bracelet....3 times!  It's supposed to be American Flag designed but I kept getting American Falcons.....  After 3 attempts I gave up, took off the design sticker and called it good :P

Other than that, it's well made and looks good.  What I like about this vs another brand of paracord bracelets is that it has 3 levels of adjustment so it's not just 1 size and hope it fits.  Even on the smallest size, it feels a bit loose for me, but would fit a grown man better (though I don't feel like I have dainty thin wrists for a gal either :P )

Hopefully they'll get their ordering sorted out soon.  The seller was very kind and cooperative.

The photo below will take you to their listing.

*Disclaimer: I was provided these items free for the purpose of reviewing.  I was not compensated in any way.  Links are affiliate links.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Making Things Look Good :) 3 Product Reviews-Home and Beauty

I've been wanting to try activated charcoal as a natural teeth whitener since I heard about it a few months ago.  I was excited to be able to try this charcoal powder because the capsules on the market seem like such a hassle to open each time you want to use them.

We've only had a chance to use it once and I don't think it made a drastic difference, but I've had feedback that the before and after pictures are noticeable.  We filmed a fun video and included the pictures, let me know what you think!

I'll be doing a detox face mask with the charcoal soon and filming a video for that too, so make sure and subscribe on my YouTube channel to see that when it comes out ;)

If you want to try it out for yourself, this is the stuff we used: #activatedcharcoal

Next up is something I probably should have had this fall, but we're extremely behind on getting into the swing of things with the yard and garden this year (I'll stop procrastinating tomorrow....)

We've got some bushes that grow like crazy and harbor nasty spiders, as well as some berry bushes coming into their 2nd year with real growth.  When I went to use our old clippers, they're pretty dull and I don't have any clue on how to sharpen them, so these pruning shears are a lifesaver :)

They are nice and sharp, have an ergonomic handle, and I love the way it locks closed because the latch/lock on our old set kept randomly getting caught up while in use.  I'll be demonstrating them on our YouTube channel in a review channel soon.

If you're needing a set of new shiny pruning shears, grab yourself a pair here: #Hausandgarten

Last but certainly not least, I was really happy to get this flag set for our front yard. 
Being in a rental right now, we have limited options....not like we can just drill into a part of the house to install a flag pole.  This isn't too large and looks nice.  I question how long the fabric will hold up to the elements, but I imagine it might not be too hard to replace that part eventually.

This will also be shown on a future video on my YouTube channel so you can see how it looks in person!

If you're needing to show some patriotism, snag yourself one of these nice flags here:  #promotion

Disclaimer: I received these items free or deeply discounted for the purpose of testing and reviewing.  I was asked to share my honest and unbiased feedback.  This is not a sponsored post.  Links are affiliate links.  Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience with these!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Product Reviews-Fun for the indoors and outdoors! Balance Bike, Camping Cookware, Chalkboard Wall Decal, Waterproof Camera, and Dog Bed

First up---The Balance Bike!

This is a really nice quality balance bike. I've heard about this type of bike in the past and have seen a couple of friends have them for their kids and the concept really makes sense. The pedaling is not the hard part for kids to get-it's the balancing. I remember what a nightmare it was-filled with scrapes and tears when I learned after training wheels so I plan to not have that nasty memory for our kids.

It's not too hard to assemble, it took my husband less than 10 minutes. They don't, however include the tools needed and some people might not have the necessary tools just sitting around. Luckily we did. I believe we needed a 1/4" and 3/16" allen wrenches/hex keys to assemble it.

I like that it has a matching helmet so you don't have to go out and get one separately. I think if I could change something, I'd really like to be able to adjust the bike seat without having to pull out a hex key. Overall, the frame is sturdy, the paint job is nice, and I think it will hold up for quite some time.

If you're interested in the balance bike, check it out HERE:

For more fun outdoors, I was happy to get this camping cookware set.

So far I'm pretty pleased with this little set. It's fairly small, it'll maybe fit a good can of chili in the pot, so if you're planning on using this to cook for a large family on a camping trip, invest in a dutch oven instead. But I wanted something nice and small like this for camping trips (just 2 of us) and emergency survival backpacks.

I haven't had the chance to test it out over a campfire yet, just on the stove, but so far, it works like it should. I realized this would also be great for minimalists like those that live in tiny homes because it's so compact. I think if there were any improvements I'd suggest, I'd recommend 1-change up the wooden spoon (I saw someone else's review mention theirs molded from being packed away slightly wet and I can see that happening easily) 2-include cutlery and 3-maybe a higher quality of sponge. Overall I'd give this a 4.5 out of 5 if it were an option, it does the job and I love the carrying case it came in.

If you want to get your own set, snag it HERE:

Next up for some indoor fun, is this Chalkboard Decal.

I've been wanting to get one of these for a while :) So far I'm pretty impressed. I took a few little pieces and put them up on my wall, some glass, and my fridge. I'm in a rental so it's important to know that this won't damage things! I left them on for a couple of days and took them off. They were fairly easy to pull off and no damage or residue was left behind. They were still perfectly sticky so they could be moved/re-used.

It's a nice bonus that it came with some chalk (and different colors)-though 2 of mine arrived broken. Another feature that I really love is that they put the grid guide on the back for cutting (like on premium gift wrap) so when you go to cut it down, you get nice straight edges! I have yet to find a negative thing about this decal, I'm quite pleased with it :)

If you want to get one of these decals for yourself, go HERE:

Another item great for indoors or outdoors (swimming time anyone?!) is this waterproof action camera for kids.

This seems like a pretty fun find so far! I am hoping to make it to the pool soon for a full test, so far I've done a "dry" test and shot some video/photos in the house and I also put it in a sink with water to verify it was water tight and floated. No leaks and floated great. The photos and video weren't super amazing but I did test them in the house after dark so no nice natural light (Even my more expensive cameras struggle with that.) I'll definitely make sure to update this review once I've been able to give it a more broad test.

It's definitely not fair to compare this to much more expensive brands, but that being said, this has some nice features that more expensive action cameras don't have-floating capability without having to buy/add an accessory and having a view screen on the back (I can't believe some of them don't!). main criticisms were the lighting as mentioned and also I'd LOVE to be able to change between video and picture without having to take it out of the waterproof case.

For the price point and features, I think it's a pretty good camera for the kiddos, I know I would have loved one of these when I was a kid!
If you want to give it a go with this camera, the link is HERE:

Last but not least, this fun little pet bed!

I can't find the pictures or video that I took of it so I'll have to take some more (Bummer!)  I thought this was SUPER DUPER cute and wanted to get it for my Mia.  They accidentally sent me a blue strawberry instead of a red one but it didn't matter anyway since it's too small for our girl.  Normally I consider her a "small" in dog stuff-she's 12-15 lbs.  But the small would really fit a small cat better.  Mia would need at least a medium or large so I'll donate this to a friend that could use it.   

If you want to get your own leopard or strawberry pet bed, go HERE:

Sorry this is a bit of a longer post than I usually do for product reviews.  Let me know in the comment section which you'd be more interested in!

Disclaimer: I received these items free or at a discount for the purpose of testing and reviewing them and was asked to share my honest opinon.  This is not compensated/sponsored.  The links are affiliate links.