Thursday, March 31, 2016

Painting with Watercolors! I'm pretty proud of myself :)

I got another painting pad, this time watercolor to test and review.

I was super excited about the watercolor because I've always really appreciated the watercolor look, and always wanted to learn how to paint well.  This went more smoothly than the acrylic painting test, I think mostly because I used better paint brushes this time.  So this time-nice paper, nice brushes, and cheap paint (what I had around...).

I wanted to paint this photo that I took about a decade ago in Poland:

This is my first time using legitimate watercolor paper instead of just printer paper so I can't compare it to other brands, but I'm certainly happy with this. This is a nice shade of white and nice texture. I was grateful for how easy it was to take a sheet out of the pad (I tried this brand's acrylic paper pad and had some problems taking it out of the spiral binding). I'm not going to quit my day job just yet, but with how well I feel my first painting went, I'm excited to plan my next one :)

To see a short speed painting video of this, check it out on my YouTube video:

If you want to try out this brand of watercolor paper, go HERE.  #usartsupply

If you want to try out the paint brushes I used, go HERE.  (affiliate)

I received a free pad of this paper for the purpose of testing and reviewing. I was asked to share my honest and unbiased feedback.  I was not compensated in any way.  As for the paint brushes, I purchased them at a discount for my review and feedback as well.

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