Monday, March 28, 2016

My First Time "Really" Painting with Acrylics

I got this nice pad of paper for acrylic paints free to test and review.

My first impression is that it's a nice thick paper.  So thick that it actually frustrated me when I tore it out and it bent some of the spiral wire with it....oops!  As for actually using it....I'll confess I'm a complete newbie at this.  The most I've really done before was cheap craft acrylic paint on printer paper.

While I'm not completely satisfied with how it turned out, I think that had more to do with my lack of good brushes than anything.  The paper didn't get soaked or anything, nice quality overall.  I got a pad of watercolor paper to try as well.  I'll be posting about that in the next couple of days!

As for now, let me know your thoughts!  I was going off of inspiration from Polish Wyczinanki (the art of cut paper).  I'll be posting a video within the next 24 hours of the whole painting process, I just don't have it ready quite yet.  Go ahead and head over to and it will appear on there when uploaded and released :)

If you're in the market for some painting paper, check out this item HERE.   #usartsupply

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