Friday, March 25, 2016

Killin' It With STYLE! ~Awesome Product Review Items~

I enjoyed giving myself a "welcome to sandal weather aka Spring!" pedicure last night.  It felt so good, in part, by these 2 first items that I got to review:

Cuticle Pusher--

I was really impressed by this! I've only ever used the plastic style cuticle pushers (which I will now refer to as "those cheap plastic pushers") and this is night and day. It's well made, made in the U.S.A. (that always makes me smile to bring business locally and know the quality), and definitely professional quality. Not only does it push up your cuticles, but it gently lifts them up, making it easier to remove them without damaging your nails like I have plenty of times in the past. It scrapes just enough to get all layers of the cuticle so you don't leave any behind. If you flip it over, it also does well to clean out under your nails. I'm a big fan of this and recommend it without hesitation! I'll be taking better care of my cuticles now that I have this for sure.

If you want to get one for yourself, you can get one HERE. #GotGlamour

Callus Remover--
I'm the kind of person that gets embarrassed when sandal season comes around. I am barefoot 95% of the time-I work from home and I just prefer to be the calluses build up. I've been using for a while a manual scraper of sorts. It works ok but it takes a really long time to get any results. I was excited to get this and try it out! This comes with the main piece, a cord, a small brush for cleaning, a snap-on cover for the file and a replacement file.

This has a couple of safety features built in which puts my mind at ease, and it works really great-it made quick work of smoothing my feet out! If there were any criticism, I'd say I don't particularly love that it kicks the dead skin in the air (no catching mechanism) so that can be kind of gross thinking of breathing that in....

If you want to try it out, go HERE.    #TreatMyFeet

I've got a few more "fashion" items to try recently and I've enjoyed them.  In no particular order....

For the Man of the House


This is a beautiful ring-comfortable and true to size. I love the natural wood grain look. If I were to give one caution, I'd say be careful what you do when wearing this. My husband intentionally didn't wear it to work because it would get dinged up in a heartbeat, but I think he must have accidentally done some moderate yard work with it on and it has a little bit of a scratched area on it already....just after a couple of days. I'm not sure if those can just be buffed out like he has with his all-metal wedding rings before or if some other sort of treatment would be needed.

If you like the look of this ring-check it out HERE!   #RoseRing

For the Baby of the House

These are super cute! I love the idea of documenting kiddos growing up and these are perfect for that. I got these as a shower gift and it's great for twins, multiple kids in the same family, or to divide and use for 2 gifts since there are 2 identical sets. You never really know how the graphics will look until you have it (I've seen some poor quality things out there...pixelated, etc) but these are well done and very cute.

I only have 1 concern and that's about size. I feel like they're a smidge too large, especially for small newborns. But that's just a guess since I don't have a little one of my own to slap these on and let you know lol. I think that these will bring a smile to the face of the mom-to-be that I will be gifting them to.

If you want to snag yourself a set, go HERE.   #bornandbeyond

Last but not least,

For the Jogger of the House:

I've tried out different running/exercise belts and thought I'd give this one a go.  When it first arrived I wondered if I somehow could this hold a phone?!  It's so thin!  But it expands beautifully to have quite a large capacity.  If I were to have anything different, I'd  have a small opening for earbuds to come through.

If you're in the market for a running belt, get one HERE.   #exercisebelt

Let me know your thoughts-which of these would you be most likely to get?

*Disclaimer-I received these products free or deeply discounted for the purpose of testing and reviewing.  I was not compensated in any way, this is not a sponsored post. 

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