Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Testing 3D Doodle Pens!

I got the chance to buy 2 Top3D brand 3D Printing Pens at a discount to test and review.  I'm pretty sure that I've been having too much fun with these than a woman in her 30's really should lol.  Crafter at heart for sure!

The first model that I bought to test was the Generation 4 Model.  It can be found HERE for $65.99 right now.

I've hesitated to make the investment to buy a 3D pen before despite really wanting to because I've seen so many negative reviews about pens jamming, but I've had a good experience so far.

Features on this pen:
Forward & Reverse Buttons
3 speeds (buttons)
Lights indicate when plugged in, when heated up, with speed change
Comes with 2 colors of filament (listing says ABS but mine came with PLA)

Overall, I really didn't have complaints about this pen.  It's not too heavy or bulky and I haven't had any jamming.

Some projects made with the Model 4:

The 2nd pen, the Generation 5, is a bit more expensive, but worth it if you can manage it.  It can be found HERE for $77.99 right now.

(I got the yellow one)

While I have actually had some jamming with this pen, I still feel like I like it a bit better.

Features on this pen:
Forward & Reverse Buttons that can be set to stay on (possibly my favorite part so you don't have to  hold the button down the whole time)
Variable speed slider-change the speed by sliding it-easy to tell how fast it is set for, not limited to 3 settings.
Lights indicate when plugged in
Screen shows heat, target temperature & type of plastic (ABS or PLA)
Comes with 3 colors of filament (ABS)
Slimmer design-especially nice around the nozzle
Comes with a plastic mini screwdriver but no directions should you need to use it...

I thought I'd get annoyed by the fact that you have to select which kind of plastic you're using, that the pen wouldn't automatically adjust, but I see how nice it is to have that function now.  While the Model 5 jammed on me several times when using PLA, I turned the heat up just a bit and didn't have any more problems.  As for the ABS, the Model 4 is supposed to automatically adjust the heat for both plastics, but I don't think it gets hot enough to do nearly as good of a job or get as good of details with the ABS as the Model 5.  The Model 5 smokes a bit with the ABS...not sure if that's normal.  I turned the heat down a bit and I'll try even more next time I make something.

Some projects made with the Model 5:

All-in-all, I still rate these 5/5, I love doodling with them and would love to get them for the kiddos in my life for gifts!

To see my video review of the Model 4, check out my YouTube video here:
To see my video review of the Model 5, check it out here:

I purchased these at a discount for the purpose of testing and reviewing them honestly.  I am being compensated in no way.  Links to the product are affiliate links which means I get a teeny tiny bit of money if you choose to purchase through those links (at no added expense for yourself).  I only post links that I feel are helpful and relevant.

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