Saturday, February 13, 2016

Product Reviews-PLA (3D Printing Filament), Solar Lantern, & Compost Bin

I've got 3 products that I got for free to test and review, check them out and see what you think!

#1 ProMolt PLA 3D Printer Filament (1.75mm Diameter, 1kg (2.2lb) Spool, +/- 0.05mm Tolerance, Professional Quality)

I got this to use with 3D printing pens. I have 2 models of printing pens and tried it in both.

The success:
My $70 3D printing pen model worked great. It's supposed to detect the difference between PLA & ABS and heat accordingly. I've noticed it doesn't do that great with ABS, but just fine with PLA. It works like a champ in this pen and I've already made some fun designs.

The failure:
My $78 3D printing pen model wouldn't work with this at all. I was actually surprised at that-the cheaper one is....well....cheaper. But it had no problem loading and writing. This model could barely load this stuff and only a tiny bit came out the tip but it just wouldn't draw. I went back and forth between this filament and some I already had and there were no problems with the other filament working right. I thought it's odd that the temperature for PLA is so high, this pen recommends only 175 for PLA. Assuming it wasn't hot enough, I even turned it up to 235 degrees and it still wasn't coming out well. Your clue is as good as mine as to why a more customizable and expensive pen wouldn't take this but a cheaper pen would.....

I'm disappointed I can only use this in one of my pens (the one I don't like quite as well) but I will still happily use it for future projects. It has a beautiful glossy look to it as it mentions in the description.  To check out the 3D filament go HERE.  #promolt3d 

#2 Bright Outdoors Solar Lantern / Flashlight with Emergency Powerbank (LED, USB Rechargeable and Collapsible.) 

 I love the idea of using solar energy-it’s such a great resource. I purchased another solar lantern similar in concept recently and I really like it. What I love about this particular product though is how compact it can get! It folds up really small and works to light your way as well as giving your cell phone some juice in an emergency. I also really love that when it’s folded up it can be used as a nice bright flashlight. Whether it’s being used as a flashlight or a lantern, 1 click turns it on, 2 makes it brighter, 3 gives you a blinking light, and 4 turns it off. It has a USB option with cable in case it’s cloudy outside. I do wish that it also had a battery option as an additional backup option, but I still think this is a great product. One thing that I’m unsure about is how long it will last. The lantern portion seems like frequent use might not be good for the plastic.  To check out the lantern, go HERE. #thebrightoutdoors

#3 LINKYO Kitchen Compost Bin (1 Gallon Stainless Steel Composter with 4 Odor-Neutralizing Filters) 
We've had a worm compost bin in our dining room/kitchen area for kitchen scraps (to turn into castings and use in our garden this year) for almost a year now.  I only open the worm bin to check on them and feed every 2 or 3 weeks.  So far I've used mostly plastic storage containers for the scraps that we're saving up but it's pretty gross looking and the smell isn't fantastic.  This bin is great because it holds a lot, is dishwasher safe, looks great, allows air circulation, and last, but not least, helps control the smell with charcoal filters.  It comes with 3 replacements as well, so it should last for a good long while.  I don't have any complaints, I'm genuinely glad we got it!  To check out the compost bin, go HERE.  #LINKYO

Disclaimer: I received these products free for my honest and unbiased review.  I was not compensated in any way.  The links are affiliate links.

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