Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Few New Goodies-Product Reviews for a Running Belt, Microfiber Towel, and a Fabric Steamer!

Running & Activity Belt

I love the fabric used for this running belt (neoprene)-it feels so much smoother than some running belts I've tried before. It's also a bonus to have a bit of reflective details sewn into the design-safety first! This has 4 pockets-one large one great for phones, and 2 smaller pockets to either side of it-1 with a hook to put your keys on. The 4th pocket is on the other side, facing your body. The main pocket is zippered, one of the front pockets has a velcro closure, and the other two are open-top pockets. The main pocket has a spot for your headphones to come out-perfect for listening to your tunes to keep you going! The elastic and buckle seem nice and heavy duty to last the long haul and there is ample room for adjustment-I'm a gal needing to lose a lot of weight and I have no trouble with this fitting me.

 To get yourself one of these belts, go HERE. #activitybelt

Fabric Steamer

I own a clothes iron.  And an ironing board.  And yet…..they get used a couple of times a year maybe?  I’m genuinely embarrassed that we have wrinkly clothes sometimes but neither of us take the time to iron.  So……I was hoping this would be a good quick option that we’d actually use.  I also have curtains that I bought and put up almost a year ago and I’m ashamed to say they had wrinkles almost a full year until I got this!  This way I didn’t have to take them off of the rods and I’m not as nervous about damaging fabrics because it’s not direct heat like an iron. 
This is really easy to use-put in water, plug it in, flip the switch, and there you go.  It heats up quick and works beautifully.  I steamed my curtain (well half of it at first) to see the comparison an I wanted to cry it looked so beautiful.  I’d definitely recommend this.

Priced reasonably, you can find a steamer of your own HERE.  

Microfiber Travel Towel

 (I forgot to nab a picture of my own before I put it in the wash)

When my husband and I took a 3 week trip backpacking in Europe, we planned and then planned some more.  We realized that not all accommodations provide towels over there and we new we'd need something to pack light and that would dry overnight to be re-packed depending on our itinerary.  A friend loaned us some microfiber towels like this to use and I knew I'd need to get us a set of some!  They're soft, super absorbent, quick drying, & thin.  I don't know what brand my friend's were, but this feels just as good.  Not only did we use them for showers, but we used them as beach blankets and blankets when we slept on overnight trains.  

These would also be fantastic for camping so we're looking forward to taking this with us this summer.

If you're looking to  get yourself a microfiber towel, head HERE. #TravelTowel

Disclaimer: I received all of the above items free or deeply discounted for the purpose of testing and reviewing.  I was not compensated in any way and I was asked to share my honest opinion.  Affiliate links may be in the post.

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