Thursday, January 28, 2016

Product Reviews ~ Beard Comb, Cobalt Roller Bottles, Kitchen Timers~ Check them out!

I wanted to share some of the goodies that I've been happy to receive free for review lately. All they asked was I share my honest review of them.

First up: Beard Comb
This is a GREAT gift for my husband! Not kidding, he's been combing his beard obsessively since we got this a few of days ago! It definitely has a sandalwood smell, looks like it's nice craftmanship, and come nicely packaged. My husband said that he'd like some beard oil as well because the comb teeth can still get a little stuck in his super curly beard sometimes. This comb has 2 sides-each with different size teeth. I feel like sometimes men can be hard to shop for, especially if they're not into sports or beer (like my husband) lol. But if they love their facial hair, this is a go-to for sure.

Check out the Rugged Monkey Beard Comb HERE!

Next: Set of 2 Kitchen Timers

This is a lovely set of kitchen times. They’re simple to use and well built.
-2 love the bonus!
-magnetic-because my counters feel too cluttered
-have pop out stands-so you can have it out on the counter when you want
-easy to set with minute/second/start&stop buttons
-easy to read digital display
-you can turn the large timer off when not needed
-they count up and down, depending on your need
-you can’t really reset the timer back to zero unless you cycle through the 99 minute/59 second maximums.
-you can’t shut off the small timer (that really bugs me, no need to run through the battery by being on all the time…)
-larger timer didn’t come with the AAA battery
Overall, despite the “cons”, I would recommend this set. It’s not only great in the kitchen, but also for games, educational activities, and keeping track of other timed activities i.e. teaching kids how long they should brush their teeth, letting you know how long your workout should be, limiting screen time for kids.

Click HERE to take a gander at the set of kitchen timers!

Last but not least: Cobalt Colored Roller Bottles  #RollerBottles

I got these so I'd have a "less-mess" way to apply some essential oil/coconut oil mixtures. So far I've used 1 bottle for a peppermint mixture and I'm holding off on the other until I get another scent for massage. I used 4 drops of peppermint oil and filled the rest of the 10ml up with the fractionated coconut oil. It doesn't glide too much on with each swipe, just a little bit as the ball rolls.

I love the color and the size of these bottles. The roller ball attaches easily and comes off easily for refill but not too easy where it would fall out. The lid screws on, toss it in your purse or in your medicine cabinet, and you're good to go.

To get your own set of gorgeous roller bottles, go HERE.

Disclaimer: As stated, I received the above items free of cost for my honest and unbiased review.  I was compensated in no way by these companies.  The links are affiliate links which means I earn a teeny tiny bonus if you happen to order through my link, at no extra cost to you.  I only provide links to products I genuinely enjoy.

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