Sunday, January 31, 2016


I've got 5 cute ideas for your little one's party.  It includes 2 treats, 2 activities, and 1 treat/favor bag.  I was given a free set of these plastic dinos (72 per pack) as a product review item and I decided to come up with this blog to brainstorm uses for them.

Without further ado......



Probably the most simple and "duh" item of the list, place a dino on each cupcake and they make adorable toppers.

Fossil Cookies

I recommend making homemade dough and omitting the leavening (baking powder or soda) so that it doesn't puff up much.  I made a batch and only put in half of the leavener but it still puffed up and took out a lot of the fun detail.  This is a stegosaurus impression before baking.  I recommend giving the toys a little spritz of oil to help them not stick to the dough.  This treat can double as an activity for the kiddos as well-have the dough pre-made and have a station where they can make cookies, marking their initials with a toothpick!


Crack the Dinosaur Egg (sidewalk chalk with a surprise)

You'll need: a regular balloon, plaster of paris, paint & cotton swab (optional), cup and spoon you can throw away, dino to hide inside.

Carefully get the dino inside the balloon and then fill it with a mix of plaster of paris, water, and paint if you want.  Let it sit overnight and then cut it free, make sure to not chop off any little tails like mine here that might stick out, while refining the shape.  I added polka dots for decoration and let it cure for at least 3 days.  This mix is a wonderful sidewalk chalk and with adult supervision, they can take a hammer to it and help crack the dinosaur egg!  For more instructions on this and all of the dino themed ideas, check out my YouTube video here:


Pass the Dinos

This is a twist from the game "Pass the Pigs" but we're substituting dinos for the pigs.  Roll 2 of the same kind of dino (those pictured work well) and depending on how they land-you earn points.  They can land on their back, feet, or side.  Combos get more points and if they are touching after you roll them, you lose points!  Total your points and find out who is the king of the dinosaur party!

Treat Bag!

I grabbed a few of the dinosaurs and some crispy M&Ms and put them in a party favor bag.  They are dinosaurs and their tasty, tasty eggs!  Send them home with the party-goers and call it a done day!

If you want a set of these cute plastic dinos for your littles, check them out HERE!

Dislcaimer: I received a set of the dinosaurs free for my honest and unbiased review, I was not compensated in any way.  The order link, if you choose to get a set for yourself, is an affiliate link, which means I get a teeny tiny bit of money if you choose to order through that link, at no extra expense to yourself.  I only post affiliate links that I feel are worthwhile.

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