Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's the Purpose of this Blog?!

Ha! What a great question.  If you've been around for a while, you might notice that I'm a little ADD when it comes to hobbies.  I've covered everything here from crafts, fitness, emergency preparedness, spiritual matters, and most recently, product reviews.

I'm a woman with many hobbies....and they rotate a bit!  I'm hoping to be able to get back to more of the other topics, but it seems like product reviews and spiritual/life matters on my mind are what are making it as of late.

I want to make sure my followers know that I appreciate them and I'm not here to just be an advertisement.  When my husband and I decided to take on product reviewing, we didn't do it for money (to-date, we haven't gotten a penny for it, just free or cheap stuff) and we enjoy sharing some of the cool doodads we end up getting.

You might ask....have we come across any products that are trash, that we couldn't recommend?  There have been a couple that I've been pretty disappointed in unfortunately, but I don't like to drag them through the mud either.  I have a couple of products that I was asked to review lately that I feel like I couldn't give a perfect 5/5 stars, but maybe a 4/5 stars.  I'd still recommend them if they sound like they work for what you're looking for ;)

The first is a "Fogless" Shower Mirror
It comes with a nice hanger for the mirror and for a razor.  They stay on nicely.
It's a nice design.
It's shatterproof.
My husband is liking the feeling of shaving in the shower-no nicks and irritation.
I like that there's not water and facial hair all over the sink and counter!

We had problems with the "fogless" part.  After a couple of showers it stopped being magically fogless.  Andrew doesn't really mind it since you can just pour shower water over it to clear the fog.  Luckily it's shatterproof so you don't have to worry about breaking it when you take it to the stream of water.

The mirror can be found HERE.

The 2nd item is a book review (first product review I've done on a book, but I'm getting another one at the end of the month :)

I have adsense on my blog but I was curious about expanding, and possibly for some tips on my Youtube channel.

---It's a nice compilation of different strategies all in 1 place, and perhaps some you may not have thought of before.
---I like how it discusses being true to your customers and how to appropriately disclose monetization while not scaring people away or annoying them. It's not just what kinds of methods, but how to balance it.
---It's not too long of a read. (33 pages)

---Not too long of a read (also listed as pro, depends on your perspective)
---Fairly "common" information. I'm sure I could have found this for free on the internet. But I'm a bit old fashioned and I enjoy having physical books to reference sometimes.
---Not necessarily to-the-point. Sometimes I felt like it was more of a brief overview than it was helpful. i.e. I have NO idea whatsoever how to set up a mailing list, but it made me curious after talking about how great of a tool it can be.
---Not necessarily for a small blog. At the beginning it felt like it was for small blogs. As I got into it more, I felt like the options talked about are for bigger blogs. Again, "small" is up to perspective. Maybe the writer would consider my blog with less than 200 followers a "micro" blog, lol. But I don't anticipate getting an advertising deal with any big name products. Pretty sure ever...
---No real wrap up to the book/ending statements.

 The book can be found HERE.

A third item that I was able to review recently is a silicone wedding ring.  I would actually give this one a 5/5.

Silicone wedding ring....why?  They're great in case you're working with dirty stuff (think sweat, dirt, food wedding ring has lots of nooks and crannies!)  Also, it's great as a place holder if you lose your ring AND it works better than any other kind of ring if your fingers are swollen (think pregnancy, health problems, heat?).  And, it can be safer that regular rings (I'm assuming I don't have to mention how this is cheaper if you can't afford the "real" thing)-I banged up a finger and have known of other people breaking fingers by getting it caught on railing while falling down stairs or caught on a fence while rushing by, etc.  I have a deformed metal ring from such an incident.  This kind is not going to leave you with serious injuries if it gets caught!

We tested out a different brand of silicone ring a month or so ago.  This one tends to fit a little tighter and I'm not sure if I love the color choice, but they do have a couple of other color options.

The Silicone Wedding Ring can be found HERE.

We received these items free for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.

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