Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Product Review! Vibration Bark Collar & Anti-Skimming Sleeves! ---Inculdes COUPON CODES!---

I have a mini-poodle & bichon frise mix.  I adore her, she's a sweet fluffilufigus (one of my nicknames for her :P )  Buuuuuut....she is a dog.  And a small one at that. That being said, she naturally enjoys a good bark when she hears a noise outside or especially when the doorbell rings.

I don't have it in my heart to use a shock collar, especially on such a mild manored and timid dog (she'll cower in the bedroom if a housefly gets too close to her in the living room...)  But she was driving us nuts with the barking.  Yelling, stomping, snapping fingers, they just weren't working.

We got this collar at a discount in exchange for our honest review.  In all honesty, I was on the verge of giving it a 1/5 stars and planning on chucking it into a box somewhere...but I decided to check with the seller to see if there was something I could do to improve the situation.

The main problem is that it scared the witts out of little Mia.  She was shaking, hiding in another room.  She really didn't seem to understand where this horrific beep and vibration was coming from or what she did to deserve it!  PLUS, it was going off at times that she wasn't barking i.e. shaking herself, scratching, jumping.

We took it off for a couple days.  The seller told us to try a couple of days with it on but without the battery so we did that.  Now we've had it on for 3 days with the battery back on (and made sure to tighten the strap a bit) and we're really surprised and happy with it!

In the 3 days she's had it on, she has barked several times to make the beeping sound go off once, but only 1 did she keep barking to the point that the vibration was triggered (and then she stopped).

It will still go off on accident a little here and there, usually when she's shaking or jumping vigorously, but we try to give her love and reassurance on those occasions that she did nothing wrong.  When it goes off because of her barking, we make sure to tell her "no" so she associates it with our wishes.  We don't have her sleep with it on or leave it on her when she's alone or kenneled up or playing.  I think we'll continue to use this!  If you want to see how it works, I reviewed it with my husband on our Youtube channel HERE.

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The other item we have up for review is this set of Anti-Skimming Sleeves.  (We also received these at a discount in exchange for our honest review.)

It's hard to "test" these, because we don't have the equipment necessary to steal other peoples' information lol.  But they are nicely made, not flashy to draw attention, and keep your passports and credit cards safe, especially when traveling internationally.

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