Friday, November 6, 2015

Christmas Coupon Codes! (Awesome Products!)

My husband and I have been product reviewers for a month or so and I wanted to share some products that we've really liked.  To add to it, I asked the product sellers if they had any coupon codes I could share with you guys and they graciously shared some with me.  These are some great ideas for Christmas shopping, so feel free to check them out ;)

(The links included are affiliate links, we are not being compensated however for our reviews, though we received these items for free or at a discount for the purpose of reviewing them.)

USB Bike Light #rearbikelight
I love the concept of this light-the fact that it's a USB chargeable light so you don't have to wonder about odd batteries! It comes with a nice micro usb to usb charging cord. The 1st and 2nd clicks turn on the red light, the 3rd is a blinking/strobing light. The 4th click turns it off.

The elastic/adjustable strap is nice to fit a variety of sizes, it fits great on the front and back of my bike and could be used for other reasons as well i.e. going to a job when it's a little dark outside. You can easily disconnect the light from the strap to recharge it so the whole thing doesn't have to come inside to charge.

You can buy the light here:

10% off coupon code: NIGHTPRO

Silicone Cupcake Liners

I love reusable silicone baking cups! This isn't my first time ordering silicone baking cups so I was curious to see how these were compared to another brand I had purchased before. These are thinner than the set I already had.  I think that it makes it easier to turn them out for cleaning.

As for silicone baking cups in general:
good for the environment
good on the budget-one time purchase!
nice colors

You probably don't want to give them away on a treat plate-though you can just take off the cup.
Cleaning-while these may be able to withstand the dishwasher, that probably won't do the job. I find you have to hand wash to get out baked goods remains. While you don't have to spray the cups, it does help them come out cleaner.

You can buy these liners here:

15% off coupon code: JJCUPS15

Fashion Running Belt

This is a comfortable and cute running belt.  I honestly was pretty skeptical about whether or not I'd like it, and pleasantly surprised.  In it's simplest form it could be described as a tube of fabric with pockets.  There are 3 pockets-2 with zippers and one with a clip for keys.  It is stretchable and you slip it on like a skirt or pants-no clips, hooks, or buckles. 

Almost instantly, I realized how nice it would be as a travel belt.  It fits wallets, phones, keys, passports, etc and can easily be concealed underneath your clothes.  Unfortunately, their largest size (XL) is a little small for me-but it works for my husband.  I saw some others post in comments that it fits them well at a size 14-16, that would probably be a good size.  My husband and I both wear size XL shirts, but me being the woman with hips, I think was the real 

problem ;) 

You can check out the running belt here:

20% off coupon code: 355PRMY4

Our vlog showing these items and talking more about them is found HERE.

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