Saturday, April 4, 2015

Garden Week 1 (and starting our WORM farm!)

I decided it would be fun to start documenting our first garden.  Here are some photos I took.  The only seeds we started last week that haven't sprouted are the spinach, spearmint, and peppers. 

Also, we started a vermicompost bin in the kitchen (worm compost).  It has paper, cardboard, a little dirt, a few kitchen scraps, and some partially composted matter that came with the worms.  They are a specific type of red worms that we got from a local worm farmer.  I've checked on them a few times and they're well nestled in there.  They're not trying to climb out the top or the bottom holes, so it's a good start.  With ventilation and proper cover, there's no smell.  Their worm castings will make some nice organic compost and as they breed we can expand to another tote or sell them for other worm composters or even chicken treats (which I think will work decently as we're in a fairly agricultural area.)

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