Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thrifty Thursday~Save Cashola by Bartering!

I absolutely love to barter.  Of course there's no such thing as getting something for nothing, but it can feel like it sometimes for me.  Take something you're good at and see if it's a skill you can recommend for trade. 
I have traded various crafts on with other sellers that do things that I do not.  My current established bartering is with my chiropractor.  It started out that he was willing to do adjustments for my husband doing yard work for him (when we met, my husband was playing with the idea of setting up his own lawn care/landscaping business).  Finding out that it wasn't my husband's passion, we thought we'd see if there was something else we could do to keep up our bargain.  Now we trade printer paper for adjustments...random right?  Well, it's one of my skills-couponing ;)  Staples often has promotions for printer paper that will make it free with a coupon and rebate, so essentially, all I really pay in the end, is tax.  These 30 reams got me 10 adjustments! 

When the sales are dry on paper and we need to pay up on our agreement, he has also told me he'll accept gift cards.  While you can't just get a $25 gift card for free like I can the paper, drug stores and grocery stores will often have deals that give you $5 back in store rewards, or $5 off $25 gift cards.  This week, Rite Aid has an in-ad coupon (just grab an ad at the front of the store) for $5 off $25 gift cards to Applebee's, Chili's, Gap, and Old-Navy.  So I grabbed one for $20 ($25 value) and if needed, I can pay with that-giving me a discount vs. paying the full price in cash.

So what are your skills?  Doing taxes, fixing cars, cutting hair?  My mother-in-law is a great cook and she cooks/bakes as a trade for piano lessons for herself and kids-pretty neat!

Of course not everyone will barter-most likely your Eye Dr doesn't accept bartering, but it doesn't hurt to ask.  I'd especially think that business owners/sole proprietors have more say over that issue.  Maybe you just want your oil changed and you'll exchange babysitting the neighbors kids a couple times?  Look for creative ways to make it work for you!

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