Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thrifty Thursday~Doing the Math

I've got some recipes for homemade dishwasher and clothes washing detergents and was wondering if they're really worth the effort (I'll share them with you once I've had a chance to try and review them ;)  This reminded me of my culinary arts schooling when we had to bid out ingredients and do recipe costing.

I pulled my old portfolio off of the bookshelf and found these 2 forms:

Bid sheet-take ingredients and find the prices for different stores to know where you can get the best deal.

Recipe Costing sheet-helps you translate how much each ingredient costs into the recipe cost and cost per serving.

I hopped onto Word and made a simplified version of these old charts to help me cost things out.

As you can see from the sheet-each dishwasher tablet that is homemade only costs 7 cents verses the 13 cents to 20 cents each from for the store-bought!

A slightly tricky thing about this is converting weights/measurements.  When a recipe calls for 1/2 cup of epsom salt, how many cups are there in a 4 lb bag?  You may be able to find some conversions online for things such as flour.  I happen to have a postage scale so I just measured out the ingredients and then converted in to about how many cups there are per container.

This might seem like it's a little methodical and time consuming for people, but when it comes to maintaining a strict budget, a little research goes a long way!

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