Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tasty Tuesday~Oreo Peanut Butter

My mother-in-law made this one time when we were over, this is my first time making it :)  I originally bought the oreos for the individual no-bake cheesecakes I made before and amazingly had the self control to not gobble all of the leftovers with milk because I knew I wanted to make this.

It's a simple recipe...2 ingredients: Peanuts and Oreos!

I happened to have fresh ground peanut butter (no sugar added) from Winco's bulk section, so I skipped the peanuts, but it doesn't matter much since you'll be using the food processor anyway.  I don't recommend using other pre-made peanut butter that has been sweetened, since the cookies will help with that.

I added about 1.5-2 cups of ground peanuts and 12 oreos.  More or less oreos to your taste (I think next time I may add more).

Easy peasy!  I like to enjoy it smothered on homemade rye and sunflower bread or a banana!
If you opt to make it with pre-ground peanut butter like me, you can re-use the container from Winco, but make sure it's not full from the start, because you'll have to make room for the oreos.

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