Monday, March 17, 2014

Make It Monday~Sweet Tshirt Site!

A friend posted on Facebook about making and selling a custom Tshirt design.  I decided to check it out and it seems pretty cool!  I know this isn't much of a "make it" Monday since I'm not making the tshirt personally, but it's a nice way to get custom shirts made and make money/fund-raise. 

This is the Tshirt I made:

I designed this shirt based on my English soap box, improper use of there, they're, and their drives me bonkers! 

It works like where if you don't reach the goal (i.e. in my t-shirt's case 20 shirts sold in 21 days), then no one is charged and the project is never actually made.  Consider buying one of my tshirts and I'll be buying one too?  :D

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