Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spiritual Pick Up Sunday~When God Gives Us a "Wrong" Answer.

This video briefly and so perfectly explains some of God's mysterious ways.  I couldn't help watching it and thinking of my own life.  A couple years ago I was offered a promotion at an old job.  It seemed like a position I would like, the pay and benefits were slightly better, and I didn't see why not.  My husband and I both prayed about the decision and felt peace about accepting it.  I took the position and soon began to hate working there.  It got so bad that my husband even asked me to quit (despite me being the main breadwinner) just so I could keep an ounce of sanity.

Why would God give me the OK on something that would not make me happy?  On something that was "Wrong"?  I soon came to see that taking the promotion was actually good for me because it took me out of a dead-end job.   I'm terribly loyal and have trouble leaving bad jobs even when I know I should.  He knew what it would take.  I have since found a job that pays more per hour and gives me complete flexibility on hours worked (I work a lot less and enjoy life a lot more, I can sleep in till 10am, I can work at midnight if I want).  I work from home and have no office drama.  I am truly blessed.  He gave me the wrong road so I could be confident in the right road (reference from this video).  I hope you can see His hands in your life, when it's peaceful and when it's rough.