Friday, February 21, 2014

Fitness Friday~Refining Your Palette

I started my weight loss journey almost 7 months ago with my focus being "lose weight, be healthy" though I didn't have hard and fast rules above counting calories and exercising more.  I've found myself slowly moving in the direction of less processed foods, more natural and healthy habits, and it feels great :)  I wanted to mention a key tip I've noticed for a healthier lifestyle:

Try New Foods!!!  I am not a picky person myself when it comes to food (part of my problem with weight control).  I dislike blue cheese and about half of the tropical fruits I have tried.  Other than that, I like food!  But some people are not as open as I am, there are a lot of picky eaters out there.  My new weight loss/healthier living journey has encouraged me to try new foods or to re-try foods.  And if you don't find you like something (maybe the way it was cooked when you were a kid), try it a different way!  Search for recipes, be open. 

Taking my own advice, I have found that I actually enjoy brussel sprouts (somehow my mom cooks them now so they aren't bitter, I remember them being so bitter growing up!) and I even enjoy starfruit, which I hesitantly tried again the other day.

Along with finding that I like foods now that I didn't before, I have re-kindled a passion for foods that I had enjoyed before but forgot about in the fast-food/pre-packaged lifestyle, like spaghetti squash!

If you take on this challenge of exploring the fruits/veggies section of the grocery store more often (or sign up for bountiful baskets and have a fun and surprising menu challenge each week!), you'll find a change in your palette like I have. 

What changes have I noticed?  I've noticed that a fast food burger doesn't bring me as much joy as it used to.  I find I'm craving my spaghetti squash lasagna and raw fruit/nut bars.  I've learned to turn down cheap store bakery birthday cake...because it tastes like sugared cardboard and crisco compared to the high quality dark chocolate treats I've turned to.  I didn't have to force myself to eat salad every day (I rarely eat salad), but by trying new things, I have found how much there is to enjoy out there that is actually good for me!

It absolutely takes more time to cook your own food instead of ordering it or microwaving a meal.  But the cost savings alone should make you reconsider, and then add the health benefits!  Not everyone needs to lose weight like I do, but everyone could benefit from the God-given nutrients that are abundant around us if we make it a priority. 

For some tips on how to buy healthy on a budget, take a look at my Thrifty Thursday blog post yesterday on that very topic!

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  1. you are so right! over the years i have stopped eating a number of things (stor bought cake and icecream) and started enjoying fresh foods and delicious flavors from them. (not perfect but moving in the right direction