Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday! How I've done it so far...

Since Wednesdays are my "whatever" days, and I missed last week's Fitness Friday, my husband recommended I post today :)  Weight loss has been slow lately, but I'm continually chugging along.  I posted this on Monday on (where I track my food and exercise) on my 6th month anniversary of starting to lose weight and get healthier:

35 lbs down!

Some facts:

--My main motivator to get myself going was actually my brother challenging me to a sprint triathlon this upcoming August. Lots to lose and practice before then! I did my first 2 5k's last was I out of shape!

--My husband is my biggest supporter. He (at my request) is the holder of the key to the chocolate stash and my personal cheerleader. He could care less about jogging or the gym until I got into gear and it's great to see him lose some gut as well :)

--I have been the organizer of 2 Biggest Loser competitions so far with friends on FB. The first time, I got 2nd place :) We're half way through the 2nd challenge.

--For the FIRST time in my life, I actually feel like this is a lifestyle change. It was never right was always a diet then, with impending self-talk of failure. I have never once in these 6 months thought about "quitting". I was sick for over a month, I had horrible plantar fasciitis, I've been depressed in cloudy, foggy, cold weather...and I enjoyed myself during the holidays :)

--I eat chocolate and candy almost every day. I think that is actually a huge part of my success...if I feel like I'm deprived then it won't last.

--I'm still learning to develop healthy eating habits-I eat a lot less fast food now and I've come to love things like spaghetti squash a lot more, but portion size, cravings, and emotional eating are stills beasts to subdue...just like the weight-habits don't go away over night!

--I don't log food or exercise on Sundays. In addition to being my spiritual day of rest, it's my physical and mental one too!

--I get annoyed when people talk as if the scale is an evil thing that means nothing and losing weight to look good is a bad thing...No, the scale isn't the only factor, but that is the easiest way (at least for me) to gauge progress on a regular basis. I think losing weight for your health is huge...I personally don't want diabetes like runs in my family, and I want to have kids. But gosh darnit, I want to fit in cute clothes and be a hot wife, and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! *Steps off soap box*

--I lost the 1st 30 pounds without a gym membership-anyone can do this!

--I have a wall of motivation. I put up pictures, certificates, and running numbers from my 5ks, and I have a before/during picture and a color-in chart where I get to mark every 2 lbs lost.

--I'm constantly surprised by what my body can do. Somehow I thought that I couldn't plank because I can't do a pushup. WRONG. I went out jogging today and felt like Tigger-so much bounce to the step! I was easily jogging along and realized that just 6 months before, I wouldn't be able to jog half as long before walking and out of breath! I kept telling myself tonight "I can make it to that tree" and then as I got to the tree "I can make it to that mailbox" and then "I can make it to that driveway"...and I kept pushing myself...and I will continue to, and I hope you do too!!! You can make it through today, and when you get through today, you can get through tomorrow, and this week, etc!

Holding up 35 lbs of water to represent my progress!  Not just "water weight" ;)

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