Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tasty Tuesday-DIY Herbal Tea Bags

Here's this week's video post.
To watch the video on youtube, click HERE.

A note to add to the video on whole vs ground spices:
Spices are always stronger and better the fresher they are and the more freshly they are ground.  The tea I made in the video was WAY too weak, in part because my spices are several years old, and partly because they came pre-ground (or in the case of the cloves, I didn't break or grind them when I should have).  I should have added probably double the spices I did for good flavor.

I also wanted to add a shout-out to my favorite local cupcake shop: Love @ First Bite!  There are cupcakes and then there are Love @ First Bite cupcakes, which are true to name!  Sooooo good!  They are doing a Kickstarter fundraiser to move into a new storefront (which they really need because their parking is pretty lame right now...hate to say it but it's true...)  Watch their pitch here and consider donating.  The clock is ticking and they have lots more to raise!  If you live in the US of A, you'll get a tasty thank you as part of your pledge (donation of at least $10 for a treat, but you can donate as little as $1)!

Cupcakes and DIY herbal tea, sounds like a great combo to me ;) 

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