Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spiritual Pick Up Sunday-Discover and Develop Talents

I was asked by the regular teacher of the Sunday School class if I would be willing to teach this week's lesson.  The topic of the lesson was Talents.  I accepted and went home to read the lesson manual...and didn't feel like it was anything life-altering.  I know in Mathew we learn the parable of the talents and that we all have them and should develop them but I was struggling to see how this lesson was all that important.  It felt like a bit of fluff when I'm used to "meat and potatoes" is this supposed to help me live a better life or come closer to my savior?

I talked about it with my husband and I'm glad (as always) to have his partnership and help.  He helped me see that this is a huge part of God's plan for us.  Why are we on this earth?  To become the best versions of ourselves we can be, to reach our potential....this is the root of it, this is why we are given talents and why we are supposed to enhance them!

The first step in discovering your talents is to take some time for self-awareness.  What are you good at?  What are you naturally pulled to?  Asking friends and family can be a huge help.  Just taking time preparing this lesson made me think of some of my talents...some things that I guess I don't go through life thinking they are "talents", but really, they are.  I'm crafty, I can navigate sales and coupon, I can decently put into words how I feel.  I have friends and family that aren't as blessed in those areas and sometimes tell me they wish they could be like that, or that it's cool but just not something they can manage. 

The next part can sometimes be the hard part-work on it!  Work on developing your talents.  Piano players must practice (my in-laws may not be Beethovens, but they're pretty dang good in my books on the piano and I know they practice often).  I'm only half decent at any of my craft techniques because I've taken the time to learn from others-whether in person from friends and family, or through youtube videos and tutorials.  It can be easy to get discouraged because you're not as good as others at what you do, or they may seem to have more talents than you.  Don't be!  Do the best with what you've got!

Last, and very importantly: SHARE!  Share your talents, bless the lives of others with your talents and teach someone.  I am grateful for those who have used their talents to bless my life-my mother is an amazing seamstress and reupholstered a bench for us (a bench she made from a coffee table in the first place!)  She also made us decorative pillows for our couches-I don't even want to call them "store-bought" quality, because I think they look even better than that!  I appreciate her service and sharing.  I'm grateful for the talent of those that first taught me couponing because now I can share that talent with others-not only by providing tips, but I can get boatloads of free stuff for donations for those less fortunate-what a huge blessing that is! 
The bench and pillows :)
I encourage you to take the time and inventory your talents-be grateful for what you have and make a plan to improve yourself and share your gifts to bless others' lives! 


  1. Myron said your lesson was not too long... student love it when you let them out of class early ;)

  2. Haha, thanks Virginia. Honestly, I never got to give my lesson. Since it's a small class, no one really showed up-they all went to the other class.

  3. Sometimes the best lessons are ones we prepare for and never actually give when planned. Thx for your lesson I read today.