Monday, January 13, 2014

Make It Monday-Quiet Book Pages

4 of my friends and I got together and did some busy books for our kiddos (or future kiddos).  We each did 5 of the same back to back designs and then swapped them so we each have 10 different themes :)  I plan to do some more pages soon, there are lots of awesome ideas out there!  We used pellon for the base pages so they would be more durable than felt would be.  Here are the beauties...

Counting with beads/ribbon
By Lindsay
Matching Shapes
By Lindsay
Potato Friend
By Tiara
What does the fox say?
I dunno, but there's a barn party happening over here!
By Tiara
Color Matching Balloons
By Tia
What is in that wall pocket?  Well, let's just say that even though the king's horses and men can't put him back together again, we can!  In this puzzle :)
By Tia
So Cute!  Zip and Button it up!
By Jackie
So cute, and has a puffy shoe-By Jackie
Tic-Tac-Toe with velcro!
By Yours Truly
Twist the flag up, open the box and put in the envelope, velcro on different stamps!
By Me
This is one that I did aside from the group swap-a texture page.  I plan to make another one.  1 tip is to check out the fabric store's upholstery section, they have mini samples there for free that are perfect for this.  I of course bought some of these fabrics as well and just got a small amount.

 If your sewing skills are lacking (I'm proud that I made my first button whole the other day...pretty beginner!) then you can hand sew (a lot of mine was) and/or use hot glue-it was definitely our friend.  I haven't punched the holes for mine yet but the others did and those with kiddos said that they like them, though their kids are too young for some of the activities...they'll enjoy them for some time then :)


  1. Adorable! and I love the idea of swapping. So many fun/cute ideas. Your future children will have hours of enjoyment.

    1. Thanks so much Lori :) I figure I can prep while we're waiting to be blessed with children because by the time we have them, I'll probably be too exhausted!