Monday, January 20, 2014

Make-it Monday-Altoid Tin Games

I showed you last Stock Up Saturday the altoids that I got from Rite Aid on a nice sale.  Here's the first glimpse of the fun that I've been doing with them!

I am also making a set with some extra Sucrets containers I have so you can see the difference in style.  Each color of tin I'm working on will have 2 games in it-this one has "Color Land" (a twist I came up with when thinking of Candyland and Shutes and Ladders) and "Tic Tac Toe".

The front is decoupaged on, when you open it you have a plastic baggie with all of the game pieces.  This tin has 10 magnetic buttons and 1 wooden cube "dice".

The game board glued to the inside is "Color Land".  Each person picks one of the buttons as their token and follows the colored path as outlined.  A small wooden cube has been colored with matching colors (in mine it's red, yellow, and blue) and is rolled to choose which square you go to next.  First one to the end wins!  (cubes were bought at hobby lobby for $1.99, buttons are from my random button jar, magnets are sticky magnets from craft store, I don't remember the price)

On the back is decoupaged a Tic Tac Toe board and you use the 10 buttons (2 different colors) to play in the place of X's and O's.  I think you know the rules ;)

As for the magnets on the buttons-I used pretty plain magnets-with sticky backs on a roll that I cut to size.  I've seen some suggestions to use rare earth magnets, but that kind of power just didn't seem necessary, and while these won't cling if you shake it around, they do the job.  I don't love the idea of the rare earth magnets since they cost more, they don't cooperate well with glue, and strong magnets can be dangerous for children if swallowed (obviously with these small parts they're all a choking hazard and you have to know the level of your kids, but magnets can do some serious damage that you don't know about until it's too late!)

I'm really proud of how these cute guys turned out.  I'm planning on making 2-3 different game sets so stay tuned for more :)

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