Monday, January 27, 2014

Make It Monday: Altoid Tin Game Craft (Part 2)

For Part 1 ("Color Land and Tic Tac Toe") go HERE. 

Here's Part 2 in this installment of craft projects using Altoid and Sucrets tins. 

This particular tin is the "Roll & Draw and Gold Fishin'" tin.

As in Part 1-I used mod podge for the front and back of the tin.  This time because I don't need the back for part of the games it just has a plain paper to cover the nutritional panel. 

Roll & Draw

This is a version of a game I saw on pinterest with a snowman around Christmas time.  We played it with our landlord's kids and cousin and we all enjoyed it.  Even the youngest could play by rolling the dice, she just needed help with the drawing. 

For this, I made 4 different pictures that are easy to draw and have 6 different components-a house, face, dinner, and stick figure.  You can see those pictures glued on the inside of the tin.  I made dice again with the little cubes I got at Hobby Lobby.  In turn, you roll the die and get to draw the corresponding part of the picture.  If you roll the same number more than once, then you skip that turn.  The person to draw the complete picture first wins :)  I included little scraps of papers with a paperclip and 2 pencils (stole those pictured from our Scattergories game, but I also took some regular pencils, scored them, broke them, and sharpened them to size so they're small enough to fit).  While there are only 2 pencils, you can definitely play with more people, you just take turns sharing the pencils :)

Gold Fishin'

Again, going on inspiration from pinterest, I decided to add a magnetic fishing game.  Though, I know for older kids in particular, it's fun to have points as a bonus instead of just randomly catching fish.  I was partly inspired by this project I had made and know my niece and nephew loved. 
 The fish took forever and a day to do...but then again that's probably my perspective because I was also making 3 kits at a time ;)  Great project to work on while watching a movie.  I cut out felt and stuck in some small scraps of the sticky back roll of magnet I used for the buttons in the Part 1 kit.  Then I hand-stitched them closed and used a sharpie to write point values on the bottom side of the fish.  Since the points are facing down, I decided to have all of the fish be goldfish instead of different colors, for more surprise and fairness in fishing.  I have a little baggie that I put all the fish in for storage to keep it more organized. 

For the pole, I found these mini popsicle sticks at Joann's crafts-I was happy to find them because I didn't think they made short sticks like these but they fit perfectly into the tin!  If you can't find these, a regular size popsicle stick or dowel sawed and sanded down would work fine.  Using some hot glue, I tied and secured the string to the stick.  I used a small rare earth magnet on the fishing pole because it has to be strong enough to pick up the smaller magnets through a layer of felt.  Since rare earth magnets don't do well with glues, I decided to encase it in a small chunk of felt scrap and hand-sew it, connecting it to the end of the pole was easy and secure.  I made just 1 pole per kit, they'll take turns anyway right?

One small detail that might help is to test the fish with the fishing pole before you put the point values on the bottom sides.  If you test them, you'll figure out the polarity and be able to decide which side of the fish is the actual "bottom" by which side is grabbed more easily by the pole's magnet and making that the top. 

I hope you like this tin, leave a comment and let me know which of the games you like the best so far between this tin and Part 1!


  1. Love them all! I will be saving my twins (and Myron''s :). What fun!

  2. Thanks Virginia! You're always awesome at saving me random stuff that I like to re-create :)