Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Monthly Post?! {Blog Fail}

I've lapsed in my blogging again.  What's a girl to say?  I've been so busy (for example this week) that I didn't even go out couponing or do any crafting.  And for this girl, that's saying something!!!!  We're moving mid next monthish (lease ends June 30 but we can start moving into the new place mid June) so I'm catching up on regular cleaning and getting a head start on packing.  I decided when I need a break every now and then, I sit down and play a couple games.  First I go here to swagbucks and play a game in the hopes of winning some points (randomly awarded 2 points...450 points gets you a $5 gift card) and then I go here to play games-10 points once every hour max, 2000 points gets you a coupon for one (1) FREE 64oz bottle of any variety of Old Orchard juice or drink. Maximum value: $3.49.

In other news, my Pinterest addiction pays off.  I pinned this just the other day and my hubby and I decided to make these tasty bacon pancakes this morning. (picture won't load :(  darn...)  Best.  Idea.  Ever.  Just sayin'.  Have a great day!

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