Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Craftaholic Strikes Again! (More Kid Stuff)

Here are some pictures (sorry they're not fantastic) of a couple projects I did last night.  (Ideas from Pinterest).

ABC Spoons-With store reward coupons, I bought some plastic spoons when I didn't have anything else I wanted to buy and the coupons were going to expire.  On the white spoons at the top, I used a black sharpie to put the alphabet letters in capitals.  On the clear spoons near the bottom, I used a blue sharpie to put them in lower case.  It looked like an awesome activity to have kids match up the upper and lower case letters.  (I know I would have liked this activity when I substituted as a paraeducator in a kindergarten classroom earlier this year). 
 Hue Pins- Again, store rewards expiring and these clothespins on clearance, I snatched them up and glued strips of these paint chip samples that I got for free while redeeming a coupon for a free 8oz of paint at Lowe's. This can be more advanced for kids than just recognizing blue from red, but the different shades/hues from eachother! 

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