Monday, February 18, 2013

What's New?

I have been enjoying my 4 day weekend like no other and am not looking forward to a long day at work tomorrow :(  Oh well, this whole being an adult thing demands it.  I definitely go through phases with my hobbies and this blog including both couponing and crafting.  I do not coupon as much as I was most of last year but I do definitely enjoy some good deals.  I don't get any newspaper coupons right now so it's strictly store deals, mailer and printable coupons, and clearance.  Here's a couple of brag example shops lately. 

Rite Aid last week:
4 Edge Shave Gels (1 is hidden by the other 3 in the picture) $3.49 each
Snack Catcher $4.99
Hot Bath Ducky $2.99

2 coupons for the shaving gel (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) printed from via
20% discount off of all prices listed above for my gold member discount (means I spend a lot there :P)
Spent: 11.96 before tax
Got back $13 in +UP rewards for future merchandise!!!
Notes: We're now good on shaving gel for at least 1-2 years.  And no kiddo announcements, I just like to plan ahead when they're an awesome deal! I almost exclusively get our milk from Rite Aid because we can use the +UPs to buy it.

Target tonight:
20 pack chips + 2 pretzel packs (6.99 regular) clearance $2.09
2-38 oz ketchups $1.99 each
2 goo gone $1.00 each
4 bags of M&Ms ($3 each regular) clearance $1.74 each
Breathe Right Strips 10 ct $4.84
3 packs of little rules, etc from Valentine's clearance .90x2, .45x1
$.05 discount for using a reusable bag
2-$2 off ketchup Target printable coupons
2-$1.50 off M&M Target printable coupons
2-$1.50 off M&M printable coupons from via swagbucks
1 Free Breathe Right Strips Target catalina coupon
5% discount from using Target debit card
Total including tax: $7.03
Savings shown on receipt: $32.40!
Notes: We don't buy chips often but they're nice for my sweetheart's lunches at less than $0.10 a bag.  The ketchup will probably be donated as we already have lots free from an Albertson's deal a few months ago.  The Goo Gone was in the $1 area and couldn't be resisted, I want to try it on the glue residue from glass jars that I want to reuse. 

I had fun with Valentine's (as I do with most holidays).  I started by a breakfast of muffins, eggs, and oranges  and a note that said "An eggstra special breakfast for my stud muffin, orange you glad you married me?"

I packed my husband his lunch with each items having a special notes (i.e. some peanuts: "I'm nuts about you"  a pear: "I'm peary glad I married you".)

 I painted a poster and hung it up in front of the door (written in Polish)
 I went to where he parks his car (park and ride to school) and put up signs that said "This Valentine is Taken" and put this pack of tissues in the car.
 It was awesome :D  As a side note, I put several of boxes of crayons to use for the kiddos at church that my hubby and I teach, I got them for a quarter each during last year's back to school sale. 

And last but not least, a couple of bracelets I made not too long ago out of scrap fabric and empty tape rolls.  A little hand stitching and some fray check and here are the beauties :D

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