Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some of the recent projects-More Busy Bags!

My evening routine is pretty predictable-my hubby and I eat dinner, watch our favorite sci fi shows, and I craft while he writes/draws stories he's working on.  Someday I'll have time to blog about all of my fun creations :)  Here are some more busy bag activities I made.

 Straws and Pipe Cleaners-Cut the straws into beads and they can thread them on.  If they wanted, they could turn these into bracelets.
 Pom Pom Stuffer-I cut a hole in the top of this container (it looks like a medicine bottle but isn't, the lid pops right off).  I read on a few different blogs that these are a hit with kids. 
 Button Snake-Connect a button to a strip of ribbon and glue or sew a bit of felt on the other end as a stopper.  Cut out pieces of felt and make slits in the middle for the button to pass through.
Cupcake Counting- I cut out 12 chocolate cupcakes and stitched numbers on them.  Each has a white cupcake liner and frosting.  Each frosting has anywhere from 1-12 beads/sequens stitched to them.  They have to match up the number on the cupcake with the number of sprinkles on the icing.  This one took quite a bit of time and to be honest, the fronts are cute but the backs are ugly from the stitching.  I could have spent twice as much time prettying up the backs but chose not to.

I now have 2 milk jug boxes, each having 5 busy bag activities.  I had fun with my niece and nephew over last weekend too and got to test out some of the items.  The 3 year old enjoyed the busy bag stuff while the 5 year old was too preoccupied with the wii system.  Both of them however enjoyed the fishing game quite a bit :D  They played it several times!

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