Saturday, February 2, 2013

Frugal Fun :D

Yesterday was a family birthday party for a young lad (turned 10).  Hitting the double digits!  Being more strapped for cash than usual due to not working during Christmas break (one of my jobs is for a local school district, whatcha gonna do?), we made sure we made something from items we already had at home.

Behold: The Pom Pom Shooters
Cups + Balloons + Pom Poms + Milk Carton + shoe box + newspaper comics + tape + foil + cereal box + paint

The pom poms I actually got yesterday at Michael's during their 90% off sale (about a penny a piece for the 15 of them). 

It was fun to see him and his friend leave their cake and ice cream to play. 

Also, another fun and frugal experience was cutting my husband's hair for the first time.  After a year of sending my husband to his parents' place to ask his mom to cut his hair, I got the hint that his mom was done cutting it after they got us a set for Christmas.  No bald spots or anything :)  I can't imagine spending $ on hair cuts.  We always grew up with my mom doing ours-her dad was a barber.  I also am growing my hair out to sell it anyway.  I've donated it a few times before, but decided this time to try selling it (people buy hair for wigs and extensions) and then I can have money to both help with bills and donate to a cause of my choice :) 


  1. That was a fun gift and he and his friend seemed to really get into it. You are so cccreative! Love it.

    Lookin good on the haircut too! Its not that i minded cutting his hair, just easier for you guys to not have to mesh with my schedule ;)

  2. I admire you Jen! You inspire me to want to be better too and after reading all the things that you get hung up on, I realized I have the same problem. So thanks for the reminders and the inspiration! And Andrew's hair looks great - especially the mustache at the end ;)