Friday, January 18, 2013

Upcycle-Crafty or Frugal?

I'd say both! 

I've been saving up our milk jugs, inspired by this little container (mentioned a couple posts ago with the kid busy bags) that I found on pinterest:

Then I got to thinking...what about the other parts of the jug?  I'll be posting some, here's my first idea here:

Use the handle for fun!  I have pictured below a couple different options-noise makers or shields!

Noise Makers-the bright orange shapes are noise makers.  Inside the handle, I put in 1)rice 2) toothpicks 3)pistachio shells and 4)bells.  I ended up breaking the toothpicks and pistachio shells in half because otherwise they got stuck and wouldn't shake around well.  I then sealed off the top and bottom of the handle and taped on the paper, doodling on front.  These aren't secure enough for the littlest ones as they could tear off the tape and swallow jingle bells or what not, but otherwise, these would be fun with kiddos-next time I watch my niece and nephew we'll break them out.

Shield-I took a cereal box and cut out a shield shape, wrapped foil around it, and taped it in the back.  I taped on the handle as well.  Not super sturdy, but could be more sturdy with maybe thicker cardboard and hot glue?  This would also be fun for other things-maybe sign props for photos? 

Any other thoughts for using milk carton handles?

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