Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pin-tastic....Busy Bags!

Still no kiddos here but that doesn't mean I can't prepare and make gifts for others!  I've simmered down on couponing  a lot-partially because we don't get the Sunday paper now, and partially because we have so much stuff and I needed a break.  So off I went on a new obsession: Pinterest.  I said I wouldn't do it, but here I am!  Here is a busy box of busy bags-educational and fun activities for kids.  As I am both a couponer and crafter, I had all of these supplies at home with the exception of the snack size ziplock bags.

 Popsicle Color Match-ups-Match the correct color popsicle stick to the popsicle.  Felt might have been easier, but I have craft foam and didn't want to go out and buy.  I made them in colors that I didn't have for the paperclip activity below.  I like this type because it's fun for them to pretend with even when they've matched the colors up.
 Clip & Card Matchup-Clip the paperclips on the colored cards.  I made these 2 sided-1 side in English and 1 side in Polish.  Paperclips can be harder for the little ones but it's great for both color recognition and fine motor skills.
 Foam Lacing Cards-Again with craft foam, I cut out different shapes and hole punched around them.  I took yarn and made the ends stiff like shoe laces with white glue. 

 Lego Pattern Build-Use the legos to build the patterns on the cards.  This helps with fine motor skills, colors, and pattern recognition.  I made these patterns on my computer using legos we have from when my husband was a kid.

 Foam Number Match-up-Play a game of memory with the matching color dots.  I decided this would be a great use of the hole punches from the lacing cards.

 Popsicle Puzzles-there are 20 sticks-10 sticks per puzzle.  The sticks are double sided so there are 4 puzzles.  I used stickers I had on hand.  To secure them more, I coated them with a white glue coat.

 Milk Jug Container-use a milk jug, cut it to make flaps and sew on a snap.  Viola!  Holds them all :D


  1. very cool...I especially love the build the lego pattern one and the lace up ones...I had cardboard lace ups as a child and played with them for hours. Thanks for sharing.