Monday, September 3, 2012

Dollar Tree-Sweet Find ;)

I used to shop at the dollar store a lot.  Then I got into couponing and I also realized that they don't always save you money.  The price is smaller but the price per quantity usually suffers.  Or some things at the $1 store are only $0.88 or similar at Walmart.  But I came across an awesome deal today!  I was in the cereal aisle and saw this huge box of Chocolate Cheerios-so out of place!  There were several of's weird.  You usually can only get tiny boxes of cereal at a store like that.  It is 17 ounces.  I looked at Walgreen's next door and their 11.75 ounces box was $4.99!!!!!  Wow....2/3 the size for 5 times the price!  A grocery store or Walmart surely has a better price than $4.99, but still probably not any better than $3!  Now that the Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer coupons, I plan to see if I can find one to make the sweet deal...even sweeter ;) 

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