Friday, August 17, 2012

Work with what you've got...improvise!

We've got a nice huge closet in our bathroom area, nice-deep and tall shelves.  But it's a pain for organization.  Lookin for a cheap shelving system, I jimmy-rigged this:

At the $ store, they have a set of 2 cookie racks for a buck.  I took a box that fit the rack, cut off 3/4 of the flaps a can be seen here, and taped down the remaining 2-halves for support of the rack.  Since the rack stuck out farther than this box, it was also helpful that the bottom flap helped keep it tucked in.
 And viola!  Here is where I store our medicines :D  I'm always for creative solutions. 
 Here's another organizational attempt from the $ store-3 little wire trash cans, secured to eachother by twist ties to make them stable.

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