Sunday, August 19, 2012

Round Up Awesomeness and Fishing Lure Contest!

Here's a beautiful shop we did tonight at 2 Albertson's.  Both my husband and I and 2 stores to follow all coupon rules. 

Bounty Paper towels (9) $1.00 each-used .25 off coupons (rounded to $1.00 each)=FREE
BeechNut Stage 4 Fruities (4) .99 each-used .55 & .75 printed coupons (rounded to .99 each)=FREE
Yoplait (12) 10/$5 sale-used .40 off of 6 coupons (rounded to $1.00 each) =.34 each
Carefree (2) .99-used .50 off coupons (rounded to $1.00 each)=FREE
EveryDay Essentials Pasta (2) $1.00-used $1.00 off coupons = FREE
Gatorade (2) .77 each sale-used .75 off coupons from sizzling summer game tickets = .02 each
Haribo (1) $1.25-used .30 off coupon (rounded to $1.00)=.25
M&M's (1) Instant Win item from sizzling summer game tickets=FREE
Paid: $3.87 (including tax!!!)  We also have 4 more Instant Wins from the game tickets to use next week!

Also, I wanted to put in a plug for my dad's fishing lure.  I call it a "man-craft" because it's a little more masculine than my jewelery making, but it's still in that awesome creativity realm that I love!  Come sign up here and vote.  His name is Steve Houser, rate him high! 

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