Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Couponing-Rumors and Changes...

Albertson's-It's rumored that we're getting Doublers (Twice the Value) coupons this Sunday!  Be on the lookout.  Also, starting tomorrow-we get free Ken's salad dressing if you have the 8/12/12 SmartSource insert.  We love stocking up on salad dressing :D

Dollar Tree-Starting 8/26/12, they will start accepting manufacturer coupons.  That's pretty sweet.  I haven't visited a dollar store since I learned to coupon, but it may prove handy yet again :D

Rite Aid-Their policy will be changing with their +Up program early next month.  Instead of the +Ups printing on your receipt, they go on your card.  I've heard it cause problems in test markets because you need to be sure and scan your paper coupons before giving your wellness card.  You can opt out in the store once it starts though (I plan to, I like old fashioned paper in my hands!).  One new problem you can't get around though either way is that you won't be able to use your +Up rewards until the next day.  A big hassle if you want to reduce your out of pocket, but you do what you can I suppose :-/

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