Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthdays, Camping, Fun, Oh-My!

Busy busy lately!  Last week was my wonderful hubby's birthday.  We enjoyed some family time and also some awesome freebies.  I went off of this website for some fantastic freebies that were fun to go around and pick up :D  On the right, you'll see some "popcorn steak" that we made up, it was TASTY!

The next day, we headed off to go camping.  Here, you'll see him rolling up some expired coupons.  I took some to clip and while I donate some to overseas military, it's too expensive for me to send all of them, so we had some much needed help for our campfires.

 So here's the question I pose to you...browned or black?  I'm a nice toasty but not burnt mallow girl myself!

 A recipe we made up, definitely worth the try!  Fry a banana and blueberries.  Smash some of the blueberries to get the juice.  Melt a couple marshmallows and them melt chocolate on top.  YUMMY!
 Classy grilling.  Yes, this was one of our breakfasts...grilled pineapple, poptarts, and nutrigrain bars :P
 The beautiful waterfalls at the park we camped at.
On our way home, we stopped by a Farm Museum, fun and random.

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